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A few good blog entries that jumped out at me during a recent spin through the blogosphere -- let me know if I missed any of your favorites (including your own!):

"Education may not be able to change the hearts of men, but it can change the habits of men." Mike Klonsky
On March 14, 1964, Dr. King accepted the John Dewey Award from the United Federation of Teachers and delivered this speech.

Phonics for High Schoolers Tim Shanahan

are some high schoolers who are going to need very basic, phonics
oriented interventions and there are programs like Wilson and
Corrective Reading that make sense for such populations; second, the
odds against that delivering the outcomes we need are virtually
insurmountable--we simply cannot allow kids to reach high school that
far behind.

Freddie Couch is dead and the Chicago schools did not kill him Examiner
am fed up with the endless train of murdered black children and the
sobbing black mothers who raise the black thugs that kill them.

Did you know DuSable was Haitian? Vocalo
The founder of Chicago was a
Haitian fur trader who settled here in the 1700s. I shouldn't be so
surprised that many Chicagoans don't know this fact.

Should cops Taser kids in school? Garrard McClendon

cops Taser students? A law suit alleges that Officer Lonnie Netzel
"only used his taser gun upon African American students at Kankakee
Junior High School...and that race plays a role in the actions from
which this case arises."

What's going on with the Skinners « CPS Obsessed.
Fourteen comments on the split school setup this year.

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