Anonymous Comments Are Back - Sort Of

So the good news is that anonymous comments are back.  Sort of.  No need to create a ChicagoNow account or use the District299Reader workaround.  You can just make your comment and leave whatever name and email you'd like.  (Emails are never published.). 

Except that, well, it's not working.  I can't tell if it's just that the anonymous comments are set up to be held for my approval rather than getting posted automatically like registered comments.  Or are all comments getting held.  Very confusing.

Sorry for the lack of explanation and the confusion.  Rest assured that I am checking for new comments and approving / publishing them as soon as they are received.  We'll get this figured out.  Meantime, keep commenting, and I'll do my best to get your comments posted ASAP and to get this fixed, too.

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  • Im having trouble posting.

  • Ok now its working, I'm getting an error message.

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