AM News: Turnaround Talk

CPS 'turn-around' in store for Marshall High School Austin Weekly News
The turn-around coincides with $4.3 million in capital spending at the
Marshall campus in East Garfield Park. Certain school leaders, whom
Huberman described as key parts of the fabric of the school community,
will be retained.

Montefiore Expansion Chicago Journal

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Public Schools will add a high school at Moses Montefiore Special
School, a Near West Side school for boys with severe emotional
Under the new plan, Montefiore would enroll sixth through 12th grade

South Loop Talks Chicago Journal
public schools CEO Ron Huberman confirmed after a press conference
Tuesday that creating a new South Loop high school is "still on the
table." CPS is [also] eyeing dramatic changes, meanwhile, at a high school that
includes the Loop, South Loop and Bronzeville in its attendance

Experts Say Fewer LSCs Means Less Community Involvement ChicagoTalks
school councils are out, Renaissance 2010 is in, and the fight against
the machine has only begun. Activists and experts have taken a stand to
bring back public schools and public involvement in education; they
said they are fighting for their voice.

Huberman avoids the "F" Word Substance
which began "turnaround" in September 2009 was not mentioned, and no
reporters asked. I got in one question -- the extra dollars that go into
a school during the first year of "turnaround" -- and Huberman answered
it: $1 million. (It's actually more, but that will require some FOIA

CPS teachers find texting is a blessing and also a curse
The digital age ushers in poor spelling, new ways to reach teenagers

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  • Fenger HS is a turnaround. what is happening at Fenger these days anyway.

  • here's a medill reports story focusing on the potential for more violence and the importance of community programs like those run by guy named torey barrett who runs an after school program --

    from thursday -- am just catching up now.

  • thanks to CORE for posting the list of hearings and dates and locations for the turnaround events

  • can the teachers union do anything about the closings? did debbie lynch really get arne to agree to halt closings in 2003? here's a catalyst update about some of that

  • medill reporters go to prescott and talk to parents about being on the list

  • Rugai to oust Keller Gifted -- It's all okay with CPS' Jose Alvarez

    Keller Gifted Regional Center has been in its current building for the past 10 years, and at its current site for decades -- 3020 S. 108th St. Mt. Greenwood residents want that building, and the 19th ward boss Ginger Rugai is happy to appease them for political gain. No one does anything to the 19th ward schools unless Ginger says okay. So when a rumor started to fly on Friday, I called Ginger and this is what she said.

    Ginger told me on Friday Jan 22 that she wants the "vacant seats" at Keller for special ed students and to relieve overcrowding at Mt. Greenwood and Cassell schools. (Naively, I asked, "What vacant seats?" Then I got it.)

    However, there are only 25 special ed students at these Mt. Greenwood and Cassell schools. (Yet Keller seats 260 students, including 5 special ed students taught by Roberta Gamboa with two aides.)

    Rugai also said on Friday that she will add "an annex and mobile classrooms" to the Cassell and Mt. Greenwood schools, but that she still wants the Keller building.

    Ginger told me that she doesn't know where the Keller students will eventually end up.

    Jose Alvarez, CPS, told the Keller LSC today of his decision to oust the current students. He also said he doesn't know where the Keller students will end up.

    (An LSC member said that a real fear is that if Keller doesn't play nice, CPS will retaliate and the students could end up in a dreadful school situation.)

    Keller parents believe that Rugai is eager to satisfy residents of Mt. Greenwood, who for years have repeatedly broken windows at the schools and written racist graffiti on the building and playground equipment, and who have resented seeing minority students bussed into their neighborhood.

    Ironically, there are a high number of students from Mt.Greenwood and other nearby neighborhoods already enrolled at Keller.

    Rugai attempted to alleviate overcrowding last year by busing the special ed kids from Mt. Greenwood and Cassell to Esmond school. The parents protested and she backed down. She had a year to build the annex and mobile classrooms. She has made no progress at all.

    If you can make it -- Keller parents will meet on Tuesday at the school at 6 pm to hear -- many for the first time -- of the situation. On Thursday, at 6 pm, Jose Alvarez of CPS -- former deputy chief for Arne, will meet with Keller parents at the school to tell them the bad news. Rugai has been invited, but she isn't a definite. She actually had her staff tell a parent who invited her that she had nothing to do with ousting Keller students. As if!

    [phone numbers and email addresses removed at the request of the commenter]

    thanks, Maureen Cullnan -- parent

  • The hood should have Keller-as for race baiting, send Keller kids to Vanderpoole School.Vanderpoole has done its best to keep WHITE KIDS out for decades--even when their names are on the lottery.
    Why should Mt Greenwd and Cassell be over crowded and put their kids in those terible mobiles when there is room at Keller?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    First, the mobile units aren't terrible. Have you been in one? They are spacious, have storage closets and are air conditioned. They are perfectly acceptable.

    There are plenty of Mt. Greenwood residents at Keller. There is absolutely no reason to change something that is working. Keller is a perfect example of all races coming together to prioritize education and thinking globally.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Either CICS, Urban Prep, LEARN, Aspira, CMSA, and other charters value smaller classes sizes as kids age, or they can't or won't hold on to their students. Check out 2009 20-day enrollments at UNO Tamayo and de Las Casas are dangerously close to Huberman's ax-off point of 250 students or below. But as Mayor Daley was Chair of UNO's Capital Campaign, and as others note UNO's recent $120mil in state bonds, I just don't think you're going to see the Board or Huberman close any of these.
    They'll just keep closing schools and handing the buildings over to charters.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    My understanding is that there should be an investigation of the books at UNO. Seriously! Some folks have resigned because of the stench. Fitz where are you!

  • Retirement celebration for Dr. Pletcsh fron NIgthengale next week at 115th and Kedzie. Come celebrate this man's long career helping students--esp.since new CAO has used race to remove him (his adopted son is Asian!--the CAO is an idio)-more details to come.

  • From Substance-so true!: The De La Cruz model for Prescott?
    Anyone who believes that Prescott will close and not be recycled into a charter school needs to read the Board Reports from the November 2009 meeting and maybe stop smoking certain medicinal herbs.
    Also, just because the Sun-Times and Tribune have amnesia or some more advanced form of civic dementia doesn't mean we are as addled as the mayor's two lapdog dailies (and the mayor himself) here at Substance.
    First, back to November, CPS has approved a basket of charter "campuses" (those are the babies of the current charter schools). Some of the babies are still orphans.
    So here is what will happen with Prescott once the hyperventilating is over about how Prescott is "underutilized" and all that stuff:
    -- Prescott will close because it's "underutilized" and would cost too much to repair, blah, blah, blah, blah, blah
    -- CPS will approve $5 or $10 million in repairs to the building after the public school is cleared out (and all the veteran teachers on eternal "reserve" as displaced teachers), blah, blah, blah, blah
    -- But the $5 or $10 million will come from the "Public Building Commission" so it's not technically CPS, blah blah, blah
    -- One of the charter babies (after all, isn't a "campus" the child of the Mama Charter?) will be discovered to be orphaned, and CPS will with a straight face find it a home, blah, blah
    -- But only for one year, blah
    -- For $1 per year "rent", blah, blah
    -- Oh, and the "new" charter school will never be "underutilized" because a charter never is or does anything bad. Just ask Mr. Demographics... blah, blah, blahdity blah...
    And check out this year's numbers for every charter from that "Paz" place all the way out to "The Polaris Charter Academy" (620 N. Sawyer).
    Polaris Charter Academy was given the Morse school building four years ago. The rehab even included a new Maple gym floor and new sidewalks and parkways, paint jobs, lunchroom, the usual stuff CPS can't afford if you're still a public school.
    Of course, Polaris still can't round up more than a handful of kids. According to the last CPS audit, Polaris (which also got big bucks from Tribune muckety mucks for its "vision" and mission statement), Polaris still has fewer than 200 students

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    UNO got 120,000,000 dollars the past 2 years! How does that happen? Kiss but and work for the Democratic Machine, use the latino childrens' needs as the hook, and them come up with a test driven curriculum to fool the public. Check their financial books!!! It will have to be Fitz since Madigan is in their corner!

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    here's a letter to the editor in the tribune from marilyn stewart about ren10 and turnarounds -- nothing you can't guess but still,0,878426.story


  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    this is a hilarious post -- many thanks for spelling out how things work

  • La Bruha-6 months as CAO 11 and she knows it all! TEACHERS--she is coming for you as she is doing with principals. AND Stewart will NOT stop her. Get your votes together for new leadership at CTU--or you will be out the door. AND LSC, if you want to continue having a say in your schools, STOP letting her push you around! Shame on you LSCs--get up and fight--go to the Board meetings, call downtown--or remain silent and do nothing and lose ALL of your great teachers and leaders! PEREZ got wehat they want because their LSC is united! This is the cao 11 who took her teachers to Texas to "see how it is done." Oops,she forgot about the state wide TEXAS cheating scandel on the Texas state tests?

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