AM News: Murders Down, Brother Rice Pilferer

Police: focus on fighting gangs cut murders in '09 Sun Times

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About 400 gang officers were pulled out of the city's 25 districts and
placed under Cmdr. Leo Schmitz in the citywide gang enforcement section.

Bus driver charged with stealing from high school Tribune
CTA bus driver David Bailey, 43, of Chicago has been charged with using bank routing numbers to steal almost
$24,000 from Brother Rice High School and using it to pay his credit
card bills

Former Chicago Public Schools CEO Paul Vallas endorses Democrat David Hoffman for U.S. Senate Tribune
It's unclear, however, how much weight Vallas' backing carries in

Earful Over Cheeky University Essay NYT

The University of Chicago used the suggestive work of one successful applicant as an example for others.

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  • the tribune published a story just now about the return of career (ie vocational) training in CPS:

    "CPS currently offers 250 career and technical programs at 250 schools. During the next five years or so, they will be consolidated to 80 programs at 35 "college and career academies," said Ron Huberman, the system's chief executive officer."

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Incorrect. CPS has destroyed the vocational programs in violation of the contract. The union on this matter has allowed the board to dismantle shops and close programs to be replaced with non-certified instructors and watered down programs[they also want all the shop teachers to be non-CTU]. There are Computer Technology schools that teach programing, when i asked which programing language and what focus, hardware or software, development does one school teach the answer was, not that kind of technology.

    I filed a grievance on this matter with no response from the union even with clear violations of the contract so i will be taking further action not only against the board on this matter but also the union for failure to represent the interests of union members in a change in working conditions.

    my grievance is below and it is now part of an Unfair Labor Practice I filed in August 2009.

    June 10, 2009

    Office of Labor Relations
    125 South Clark Street, 13th Floor
    Chicago, Illinois 60603

    RE: Article 3-6 Grievance Procedure
    Dr. John Kugler, Certified Education to Careers Instructor et alt.
    On behalf of all affected members
    Closure of Career and Technology Education Programs
    Misallocation of Federal Perkins Grant Equipment and Resources - PL 109-270
    Article 2 Fair Practices
    Article 3 Past Practice
    Article 44-22 Workable Solutions
    Article 45-1 Joint Committees
    Article 45-4 Joint Board- Union Committee Vocational Education (Programs, Standards, Initiatives, and Membership)
    Article 45-4 Joint Board- Career Academies

    To Office of Labor Relations:

    In accordance with the provisions of Article 3 and 3-6 of the Agreement between the Board of Education of the City of Chicago and the Chicago Teachers Union, this grievance is filed by Dr. John Kugler Chicago Teachers Union member and delegate on behalf of the above-named bargaining unit member and all other Career and Technical Education (CTE) teachers employed in the Chicago Public Schools(CPS). Dr. Kugler contends there has been a violation of the Board-Union Agreement that involves a work situation complaint and a misapplication of and a deviation from past practice and policy as stipulated in Article 3 of the agreement. Dr. Kugler contends that PL 109-270 has been violated in the reallocation of Federal Perkins Grant purchased equipment and resources by the planning of retooled strategy for Career and Technical Education (CTE) without regard to staff, students, stakeholders and grant guidelines. In doing so Mr. Gilligan and his administration are creating an unhealthy, unsafe school climate that will disrupt the educational process for the students and staff by acting illegally and without consultation with the UNION and in direct violation of the bargaining agreement Articles 45-4 and 45-11 that specifically states:

    Article 45-4. A joint BOARD-UNION committee shall, in accordance with the provisions of Article 45-1 of this Agreement, continue to study programs and establish standards for vocational education and school-to-career initiatives

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    wow john--is this why Gilligan lost his top job at CPS?

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