What's Monique Bond Hiding -- And Who Cares?

Monique Bond in 2008

The Reader's Michael Miner goes after Monique Bond in this story sent to me by an eagle-eyed reader (thanks!).  I'm glad Minder wrote the piece.  But it's frustrating that he  doesn't come away with all that much by way of vivid instances (and spends so much time comparing Bond to sweet-talking Peter Cunningham).  Hubermand doesn't give out his email or cell phone number. There's no org chart.  Some report isn't online.  Principals are scared to talk. But there are much better examples, and readers would probably be more interested if the complaining journalists had been willing to give THEIR names. (No beat reporter did.) Man up.  Cover the stonewalling.  Stop covering things that are being spoon-fed.  Access is over-rated. 


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  • Chicagoans are such frightened people. And CPS is a subset of that fear. The Central Office is now full of people who are collecting (in far too many cases) an inflated salary in exchange for biting their tongues about the damage they see being done to the children (and they are complicit in the damage, regardless of their jobs). The area offices are staffed primarily by the 'new and fearful' or the 'old and counting the days to retirement.' The schools are a mishmash of personalities who are in over their heads. And the majority of the parents are caught between a rock and a hard place.

    CPS is an embarrassment.

  • As for the selective enrollment debacle, there will be proof that this application process will continue to undermine the African American community and its middle class. However, the aa community has sat silent and kowtowed to Daley while all along, he used his boys to dissipate the black classes. If they do not rise up angry now--it is over for them in this white city.

  • Michael Scott

  • Ms, Bond: Please comb your hair-you rep and reflect CPS.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Combing her hair is her trade mark... or should I say Not combing it.

  • "What is a Type 75?" Monique Bond responded when asked about whether the "CAO" appointees had a "Type 75" certificates.

    Rocket science i say, it's rocket science!


  • Marshall High School appears to be the next Fenger. Our e-mails tell us that after four straight days of false fire alarms (all related to this stabbing), school engineers disconnected the fire alarms with CFD approval so classes weren't disrupted any further. But that didn't stop a coordinated pattern of misbehavior that resulted in four different high schools in 011 erupting Friday afternoon, including Marshall. Not a single media report though while more than a dozen students went to jail.

    There's another story of a Chicago Public Schools student being viciously attacked. This time, the victim may have lost an eye.

    The culprits appear to be a pack of girls.

    "Pack of girls" would appear to be an appropriate description. This event was related via an e-mail six days ago.


  • With all due respect, Russo, I get a better, more convincing picture of the specifics of CPS's media lockdown from Miner's story-- imperfectly sourced as it may be-- than from your Supersecret bluff and bluster.

  • thanks for your comment, marco polo --
    like i said, i'm glad miner did the story -- the more folks talking about this the better.

    and i'm generally a fan of miner, who's covered education-related media issues in the past
    (like catalyst's freakout over my gay ron huberman post).

    but miner didn't get anything that D299 readers didn't already know -- just another guy saying pretty much the same thing.

    it's no problem to me that you preferred his take.

    / alexander

  • Right Alexander--Miner's article was nothing new to 299 patrons; getting this to a wider audience is always a plus.

  • Why did Monique Bond leave Atlanta? Why leave such a great town with great jobs and weather. We don't know the whole story here.
    AND lots of squads in from of Simeon today at student dismissal. They even blocked Vincennes. What up?

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