Trimming Tenure, Home Visits, Ballistics Report

Chicago Public Schools Chief Wants to Give Fewer Teachers Tenure WBEZ
Chicago Public Schools chief Ron Huberman is floating a few ideas for how to improve teacher quality.

Home visits show young mom how to break her family's cycle of violence Tribune

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the teen parenting group sessions, Thomas is the one who soothes the
crying babies. She's the one who volunteers every month at the Lawndale
local food drive. And she's the one who spent most of the day cooking,
decorating, choosing party favors and staging a lively birthday party
for her son and extended family.

Ballistics report confirm's Scott's suicide Sun Times
Sneed hears the much anticipated ballistics reports on the gun used to kill Chicago School Board chief Michael Scott is done!

Meeks back to the North Shore for funding forum Pioneer Press
last time State Sen. James Meeks spent much time in New Trier
territory, it was Sept. 2 of 2008, and he arrived with more than 1,000
Chicago children and parents to register for school in protest over the
inequalities of school funding.

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South suburban teachers on strike

from the Prairie Hills Elementary School District 144 which serves more
than 3,000 students in the south suburbs have canceled classes after
teachers voted to strike late Wednesday after they could not agree on
salary issues, officials said.

Montini High School evacuated after bomb threat

Montini Catholic High School was evacuated today after a bomb threat was found at the school near Lombard, police said.

Principal Gives Students Cell Number Fox Chicago
A high school principal in Algonquin means it when he says that
kids can call him any time.

Student who set fire at Naperville school caught Daily Herald

police have caught the Scott Elementary School student who set a fire
at the school that caused more than $100,000 in damage.

Maine East student run over, killed outside Golf Mill mall


A Maine East High School student was run down and fatally injured by another teen driving a stolen car, an attack in a Niles mall parking lot that police said stemmed from a dispute over a girl on a social-networking Web site.

Efforts under way to stem U.S. school dropout problem Reuters

alternative school program in Illinois and school systems throughout
the nation are seeking grants from the Department of Education's $4
billion "Race to the Top" program that aims to improve schools.

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  • here's something from the current about the after-school issue that keeps bubbling up:

    seems like it's likely to get lost in the shuffle, but still pretty interesting stuff.

  • My GPA and school were secondary even tertiary at best.I graduated. To illustrate, the dumbest person graduating medical school is still called Doctor. I've enjoyed thirteen years as a CPS teacher;After thirteen years of selling low/ sell high...Two Masters including a 75, goes along with my 7 and 63. The suburbs are calling...How many teachers bought BAC last year at 2? Obama really oughta to share his transcripts....

  • did not huberman just threaten tenured teachers while we have a contract that is specific about tenure? is not that cause to open the agreement from the union side? or class action grievance?

    just wondering?

    oh i forgot upc is running things.

    " The only strike I want to see is in the bowling alley."
    what famous upc leader said this?

  • Tom Reese who convinced the african american membership of CTU that he was a black man. And they belived...

  • Governor names council for Illinois bid to win Race to the Top funds (Posted By Maren Handorf On Tuesday, December 1, 2009):
    In Government and Policy Longtime education champion and current Chicago City Clerk Miguel del Valle will lead the fight for Illinois to get a share of the $4.3 billion that will be awarded through the federal Race to the Top program.


  • The problem is not so much tenure but the gross incompetent leadership that Daley has placed the Chicago Public Schools in the hands of. Huberman and his cronies never want to put themselves up for evaluation. Why? Chicagoans, we can judge Huberman and CPS on their lack of supporting the professionals in the classroom.

    "several national studies on what distinguishes high-performing, high-poverty schools from their lower- performing counterparts consistently identify effective schoolwide collaborative professional learning as critical to the school

  • chicago goes to washington.....This Senate staff report is related the investigation of Kevin Johnson's eligibility to receive federal grant funding for his charter schools after he was found to be misusing grant money and sexual conduct with students from his charter school. When Johnson wanted to get some of the ARRA funds he got Obama to take the IG off the case because he was against Johnson getting off of his debarment from federal ed funding. It is connected to Michelle Rhee the DC School Superintendent because she tried to cover-up the sex and grant misuse by Johnson a charter school operator and her fiancee.

    The Firing of the Inspector General for
    The Corporation for National and Community Service
    Joint Staff Report
    111th Congress
    Senate Finance Committee
    Sen. Charles E. Grassley, Ranking Member
    House Committee on Oversight and Government Reform
    Rep. Darrell Issa, Ranking Member
    November 20, 2009

  • eric zorn takes on the tenure question, asking what's in it for parents, kids, and the public?

    good question. what do you think? couldn't teachers be protected against bad working conditions or unwarranted dismissal through other means, like regular employees?

  • a blogger notes that conservatives oppose home visits like those described in the tribune story yesterday

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