The Teacher Is A Pimp (Allegedly)

I'm not sure when CPS started sending out press releases announcing misdemeanor arrests of schoolteachers but that's what happened late Thursday:


"Lane Tech High School teacher Scott Carlson was removed, with pay, from the school and any teaching assignments Wednesday, December 9, pending an investigation.

Carlson was charged with keeping a place of prostitution after being arrested Tuesday night.

School officials ordered Carlson to leave the Lane campus after being informed of the charges by the District's Law Department. The Law Department notified the school of the charges immediately after the District was informed by the Cook County Sheriff's Police Wednesday afternoon.

The matter is also being referred to the Office of the Inspector General for further investigation.

At this time, CPS has no record of the alleged co-defendant, Jessica Shea, having been a student at Lane Tech.

Carlson has worked for CPS since September 1997." 

The Tribune has a short article about it. Some additional tidbits from the Examiner.  Ditto for ABC7.  No one seems to have a picture yet.


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  • NBC 5 had a picture of him on the 10:00 news last night but the story is not on their web site.

  • sun times says he went back to school the day after -- hilarious.,CST-NWS-lanetech11.article

    cook county sherrif's office says there are no mug shots available for misdemeanors, which on reflection might not be such a bad thing. is this really a story?

  • Retired Principal said: Alexander, he went to the area office.

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