Student Journalists Protest "Censorship"


Evan Ribot, 17, managing editor of Statesman, a student
newspaper at Stevenson High School, is flanked by editor Pam Selman,
18, (left) and reporter Molly Hartrich, 16, (right) as he speaks at a District 125 school board meeting Thursday in Lincolnshire. (Tribune / Chris Walker)

"The worst part about it all is that (the censorship) is not just
unlawful -- it's bad teaching and bad journalism," said Selman, of Buffalo Grove.
"The fact that we are students does not deprive us of our rights as
journalists working on a limited public forum to be free from
unreasonable restraint." (Stevenson H.S. students defend newspaper Tribune)


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  • Censorship. How lame! I write for my school's newspaper, so I've heard a lot about this story. The piece written by the students seemed like a really great idea. I hope this doesn't happen over here...

  • Before everyone starts crying "censorhip" (I guess I'm too late), maybe everyone should first read the Supreme Court decision that relates to freedom of speech and the publication of high school newspapers. For your convenience, I've posted the synopsis and a link to the full decision on my blog, The Barbershop, here: Enjoy.

  • Many of us have read the Hazelwood and still indict it as bad judgment and bad educational philosophy. It's no Plessy, but it certainly ranks up there in bad Supreme Court decisions.

    Furthermore, I fail to see how the Supreme Court decision affects whether or not one can identify that something is censorship or not. The court decision allows censorship, but that don't cause it to cease being censorship.

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