So Your Kid Wants To Be A Blogger


Meet Tavi Gevinson, the Oak Park middle schooler (and daughter of an Oak Park teacher) whose fashion blog blew up big and is now the subject of criticism (Backlash Against 13-Year-Old Fashion Blogger).  Should kids be allowed to blog commercially like this?  Can anyone stop them? 

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  • I would guess that her school teachers would know what her writing style is.

  • Tavi is fantastic! More power to her. And, yes. She's 100% age appropriate and fabulous. Way better route than child star. I'm surprised you need to ask the question, Alex.

  • the only reason i ask is that she's now getting some criticism from the adult world -- click the link and you'll see -- and i can imagine that being hard on her as a kid. her parents are putting (or letting) her out there in the adult world, not entirely unlike a child star. i'm not against it or her but i'm clear there are some pitfalls. right?

  • Alexander
    I'd not read the article, my apologies. I've now read up on the criticism. I've been a fan of Tavi's for quite a long time, I don't know her or her family. What I can say, is that she reminds me much of myself at her age and many of the precocious 11 and 12 year olds that I teach. Her career has truly blown up overnight but I do believe her parents when they say that they themselves are surprised. Also, her writing, to me, is that of a witty, hate the system, precious adolescent. I'd love to have her in my class!

  • P.S. I agree with her recent criticism of the ""berainbowed motivational posters." I'd take the ones in my classroom down, left by the last teacher in my room, but I'm saving up my rogue activity for when I'm asked to publicly display ISAT Scores (and I know that's coming. I'm getting wind of it happening very soon).
    *I was at Lowell Elementary last week, and they have the individual student (with names) ISAT scores from last year posted in all the middle school classrooms adjacent to the doors.

  • Let them have cake. Every single one of them.

  • Umm.. So I just spent a good 20 minutes reading this girl's blog. And I think it's really really really really impressive. I started blogging at 14... Hello! Freedom of speech, people! What's the big deal?

  • I've met Tavi. She's even brighter than her blog makes her appear. And if she can weather this tiny storm, it'll help her later in life when she's doing more important work. Good for her.

  • Tavi's Rodarte video is charming. It's always good to see talent.

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