Racing For Federal Dollars; Certifying Principals

Daley recruits students to lobby parents in census effort Tribune
Chicago Public Schools students will learn about next year's census as city officials recruit teens to lobby their parents to fill out census forms. ...

Grayslake North HS principal resigns  Tribune
Grayslake North High School Principal Eric Vance's resignation was approved
Thursday night, about a week after it was learned he was the subject of
a sexual harassment investigation while performing the same job in
Plainfield last year.

Education group tells Illinois to 'act boldly' and win RTTT funds Catalyst

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Illinois' chances would be improved if legislators made student
performance part of teacher and principal evaluations and lifted the
current 260-person cap on alternative teacher certification programs.
But the Legislature only goes back into session on three days before
Jan. 19, Steans says.

Girl May Lose An Eye After Attack CBS2

There's another story of a Chicago Public Schools student being viciously attacked. This time, the victim may have lost an eye.

Plans Set for National Certification of Principals EdWeek
Locally, the fund has invested heavily in paying for teachers working in the Chicago public schools to go through the process for national board ...

Getting naval families anchored in school Tribune
Ex-teacher is Naval Station Great Lakes' first liaison officer to local schools.

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  • the huberteam is only trying to add on more corruption[data] into the mix to distract from the patronage graft fleecing cps. i do not need millions of dollars of data gathering to tell you schools are not teaching the children in our city.

    go to any general high school get 100 students at random and ask them three questions.

    what is the philosophy of albert camus and how did that mirror the liberal arts during the time he was alive?

    what is the quadratic formula and how is it derived?

    what is mole weight and its relation to avagdo's number?

    three simple questions that any high schooler should know. do not have to know the exact details of each but what is important is the identification of the discipline and the basic context of the questions.

    go try it out and see what happens.

    John Kugler

  • Of course you mean Avogadro's number.

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