Pushback Against Huberman's SuperSecret™ Magnet Plan

It may be too little, too late, but several alderman have finally voiced their opposition to the magnet admissions plan* being touted by CPS (which inaccurately claims that race cannot be considered as part of the process):


New CPS admissions policy blasted as racist Sun Times
data released Monday showed that, by dividing students into four
economic tiers based on census tracts, some students will be competing
against kids whose families make at least 10 times more than theirs do.

CPS draws fire on admission changes Chicago Current
Ellis, the CPS project manager who presented the proposal, said the
principals would still have discretion, but that district officials
would review each pick to make sure it hewed to guidelines.

Census tracts key to deciding magnet schools admission Sun Times
recently-revised attached map is color-coded to reflect which economic
tier each census tract falls into under the new plan. Median family
income is included for each tier. The "range'' reflects the highest and
lowest median family income per tier.

*Note that it took CPS until yesterday -- weeks after the first announcement -- to show its plans to anyone.  (The Board has still not provided them to me, or delivered on a long-ago promise to answer my questions about the plan.)


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  • Alexander,
    Why do you say that CPS "inaccurately claims that race cannot be considered"? It seems to me that while everything is tinged with racial overtones, it is not part of the process...

  • America is still incapable of having a 'grownup' discussion on the impact of race. This is why so many are unable to understand how the decision 'not to include race' IS a racially-based decision, will greatly favor upper-income whites and Asians, thus having a disproportionate advantage aligned with race.

  • cps says that it can't include race as a factor because the deseg agreement is over and the supreme court has overturned some race-based deseg plans in other cities, but i'm told that race can still be used as a factor in diversity and deseg plans it just can't be the SOLE factor in making an admissions decision as it was in the past. cincinnati apparently uses race as a factor, along with family income etc. -- a setup that would take the focus off race but still give south and west side families a much better chance of getting into high demand magnets than they are going to have under the new plan.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    And since Cincinnati operates a much smaller system where fully one-quarter of the enrollment is white, it is not a good comparison for Chicago (which has just 8% white enrollment).

  • This census map was in the Powerpoint/PDF that was posted on CPS
    website in early November. I figured out that we are in Group 4--however, our family income is not much more than the top income level for Group 1 (this is probably true for many families in Groups 3 & 4).

    The new admissions model has flaws in that it will probably decrease diversity. The old system had flaws in that it admitted less qualified minorities over non-minorities with higher scores. There is no perfect system whereby all will be satisfied.

    CPS needs to increase the number of SE high schools throughout the City to alleviate these issues.

  • update: huberman denies that his plan will disadvatnage black and brown kids -- and claims that cps wanted to keep under the deseg plan a little longer (which is ridiculous since cps spent years trying to get out from under it)


    do you think this will have any effect on the plan?

  • update 2: CPS says that runs showing how the proposed assignment plan would work are being prepared for release in the next day or two. i know -- crazy that they didn't have them in hand before they announced the new proposal. better late than never, i guess. i'll get them to you as soon as i can pry them away from CPS.

  • I just looked at my census track status on the CPS map and found that my house valued at $800,000 plus and my family income of over $200,000 put me in group 2, one up from the bottom quartile that is supposed to have an income range of $10,848 to $122,120.

    For my family this is of no importance since our youngest daughter has already graduated and is attending Univ of IL Champaign. But the low income students in group 2 really have little chance against a well supported students like my youngest daughter who when in 6th grade at a magnet school took prep classes to improve her standardized test scores. I know of dozens of my neighbors who are in a similar social economic situation as I am and their children will get a big break in the west and south side students they will be competing against for seats at Payton and Northside.

    It seems to me that this approach is to say the least flawed.

    Rod Estvan

  • "I am not a crook" anything huberman says is a lie. he has a record of mismanagement and deceptive practices.

    no classroom cuts! hey i have a letter that says i was cut due to the budget and i am a classroom teacher.

    how about huberman lying that he was entitled to a police pension when at cta because cta is related to security.

    and last but not least what about that Motorola contract he approved after and never got the goods.

    trust me we are not racist! sounds like our old buddy tricky dick.

  • Once you are enrolled in the SE school and you give a chicago address, you can move anywhere in chicago, and stay at that SE school. just be within the city limits. Funny how parents used corporate or business addresses as their 'home' address and OAE just let them, because you know what color their children were...

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Do you have even a shred of evidence that this happened or will happen?

  • How about decent general high schools in all neighborhoods?

  • Pay no attention to the man behind he curtain... Ron does not even know what a willis wagon is. he wants/uses the word inclusion, but he allows OSS to have teachers, students and parents suffer due to lack of ANY support and a failed eiep system. 'Inclusion'--your a==Ron. You are doing eveything you can to get rid of professional educators, older teachers and african american teachers parents and students; supporting Daley's plan plan to be the white city.

  • Rod Estavan lives in an 800G house and makes over 200G a year? Geez, I didn't realize that pay was that good doing what he does.

  • In reply to keenerobserver:


    Re-read for content. His family income is over 200k, not his salary. I have no idea what the other members of his household do professionally. In any case, he should be well compensated for the incredible and important work that he performs.

  • In reply to keenerobserver:

    Thanks to 7:06 AM for the kind comment. Any one who knows me is aware that I have never hid the financial good fortune I have had in life or the great advantages this has brought for my children. However, having been a union teacher, a special education advocate, a union janitor, and a commodies trader during my 56 years of life I do have to say being a special education advocate will not make you rich. So for all of you yearning to work for a not for profit advocacy organization I would suggest - make your money and save for your family before making that jump.

    Rod Estvan

  • In reply to keenerobserver:

    Retired Principal: Rod, you are worth every penny that you make! You deserve what you make and more!

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