Parent Fundrai$ing - Fair Or Foul?

"I can't change CPS, but I'm willing to do what I can here," said Allison Mutlu, 38, who has children in preschool and first grade at Disney II.


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  • Alcott parents were able to fund an extra 1/2 hour on Tuesdays for their students in addition to the smaller class sizes and teachers they cover. Are their other schools doing the same in Chicago?

  • I think it's amazing that people will blame CPS and then follow CPS leaderships' goal of pushing students with involved parents toward the charters and SE.

    The solution is not to push people out, it's to change our system that's not working so all students, even those without parental support of any kind are able to succeed.

  • Parent fundraising acid test: The money and resources you raise are split evenly between all CPS schools.

    Not so willing anymore, probably.

    There's always property taxes.

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