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News From Schools In Other Places

This week’s school news highlights from other parts of the country: L.A. schools chief orders weak new teachers ousted LA TimesLos Angeles schools Supt. Ramon C. Cortines ordered administrators Thursday to weed out ineffective new teachers before they become permanent, acknowledging that the nation’s second-largest school system has largely failed to adequately evaluate teacher performance.... Read more »

More Security Cams! Announces Mayor Daley

Remember in 2000 or so when the Mayor got impatient with Paul Vallas and held his own reading summit?  That’s the thought that came to mind today when Mayor Daley announced the addition of  more CCTV around Chicago high schools.  Huberman was there, but it seems like City Hall is calling its own shots on... Read more »

"The Calendar Game"

I’m just wondering:  Do any of you notice any deterioration in student and parent energy at your school towards the end of each month, or any marked improvements just after a new month begins?  Do any of your schools do things differently towards the end of the month because of food issues?  This Reuters article... Read more »

ETHS Vs. New Trier -- The Fight

 Violence isn’t just for CPS students.  Three ETHS students seriously injured a New Trier student in the parking lot after a basketball game last week. 3 Evanston students beat up New Trier fan after gameEvanston students attack New Trier student after game “ETHS, We Will Fight For You” video below

Magnet Reactions, Confusion & More

Clare Munana, the Chicago school board’s interim president, talks Wednesday with Patrick Rocks, the board’s general counsel. Chicago magnet school admissions: School board fine-tunes policy Tribune Board members also end their own expense accounts, after Michael Scott’s spending in Copenhagen raised questions. CPS unveils new rules for school closings Sun Times Now, with the 2010... Read more »

Student Journalists Protest "Censorship"

Evan Ribot, 17, managing editor of Statesman, a student newspaper at Stevenson High School, is flanked by editor Pam Selman, 18, (left) and reporter Molly Hartrich, 16, (right) as he speaks at a District 125 school board meeting Thursday in Lincolnshire. (Tribune / Chris Walker) “The worst part about it all is that (the censorship) is... Read more »

Grading The Year So Far

Yesterday wasn’t just the Board meeting day.  It was also Progress Report Distribution day — a time to find out how your kids are doing and also to reflect on how the year has gone so far.  In logistical terms, distribution day means that teachers have to get their grades into the system, and parents... Read more »

New CEO At Perspectives Charters

Things change, even for charter schools.  The founders of Perspectives Charter Schools  — five schools, 2,500 kids — are handing over the reins of leadership to Rhonda Hopps, who will be the new CEO.  Read below for the full announcement.  Any other leadership changes in the works or announced but not yet reported?  Let us... Read more »

Magnet Schools: Race Returns

Amazing.  First the Board said they couldn’t use race as a factor in crafting a new student application and assignment plan. Nope.  Not allowed.  They said (it wasn’t true) that the court prohibited it when vacating the consent decree. Siblings and proximity were boosted. Then they reassured us that they had studied other cities and... Read more »

News From Around Chicago Schools

Fenger Parent: CPS Board Members ‘All Getting Fs’ Tribune “Since late September we have facilitated 150 transfers of Fenger students to other schools in the district,” said Board member Bob Runcie. Chicago Journal The resolution will ask that the high school be modeled after South Loop’s pairing of a gifted program and neighborhood component. A... Read more »