News From Schools In Other Places

This week's school news highlights from other parts of the country:

L.A. schools chief orders weak new teachers ousted
LA Times
Los Angeles schools Supt. Ramon C. Cortines ordered
administrators Thursday to weed out ineffective new teachers before
they become permanent, acknowledging that the nation's second-largest
school system has largely failed to adequately evaluate teacher

Racial Tensions Grow Violent At Philly High School
Dozens of Asian and Asian-American Philadelphia high school
students are back in the classroom following an eight-day boycott.

26,500 school cafeterias lack required inspections
USA Today

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food-borne illness has sickened more schoolkids in the past decade than
norovirus, and none is linked as consistently to improper food handling

Number of homeless students soars Greenville News
same thing is happening statewide -- a 74 percent increase in the number
of students identified as homeless since 2004, for a total of 8,744
during the 2008-09 school year, according to the latest figures
available from the state Department of Education.

Key L.A. Unified staff positions are funded privately
LA Times
Private money is paying for key senior staff positions in the Los
Angeles Unified School District -- providing needed expertise at a
bargain rate, but also raising questions about transparency and the
direction of reforms in the nation's second-largest school system.

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  • Illinois 45 out of 50 in Happiest U.S. States survey.

  • Ogden and Weldon elementary schools face lawsuits alleging abuse of autistic children. (CBS2)

    teachers and union members know why this could happen. it is the cuts from huberman and illegal hiring of inexperienced and non-certified staff and administrators in schools and central office.

    whatever happened to the case where three charter school students died on an over night trip? is that school still operating? or the case of students raping another student at another charter school?

  • No More Residency. if we had a union maybe they could use this for chicago teachers..... This was an arbitration panel. Under Illinois law, cities with a population of over one-million don't have to make residency an issue of collective bargaining. As written, the law only applies to Chicago. But as we've heard, everywhere the local FOP has sued over residency, they've won it. It's a slam dunk case.

  • 132% greater teacher turnover in charter schools
    The final report on the study, published this week by the National Center for the Study of Privatization In Education at Teachers College, Columbia University, shows that the actual figure should be 132 percent. That is, the odds that a teacher will leave the profession versus stay in the same school are 132 percent greater for charter school teachers than they are for regular public school teachers. The study also says that a teacher will switch schools rather than stay at the same school are 76 percent higher for the charter teachers.

  • The non sustainable model, charter schools! Thanks for the pointer. On a side note, just shows one reason by the Office of New Schools will hide important information from the citizens so as to not evaluate their performance. This is your tax money going down the drain in the name of being "innovative".

  • Schools board violated state law by not voting in public on a series of resolutions related to opening two charter schools in Texas, Indiana

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