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Fenger Parent: CPS Board Members 'All Getting Fs' Tribune
late September we have facilitated 150 transfers of Fenger students to
other schools in the district," said Board member Bob Runcie.

Chicago Journal
resolution will ask that the high school be modeled after South Loop's
pairing of a gifted program and neighborhood component. A full
complement of staff and resources -- from band and sports to security
during dismissal -- will be included in the resolution as well.

Busy board meeting Catalyst

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will announce in January which schools he intends to close and turn
around. All of them will be subjected to the new criteria that he laid
out on Wednesday.

Chicago Board of Education Regular Monthly Meeting WBEZ
Audio clips from the meeting.

1st grader says teacher cut off her braid in front of class

A 1st grade teacher in Milwaukee is accused of cutting off a 7-year-old
girl's braid because she wouldn't stop playing with her hair in class.

Shifting Demographics Change Suburban Schools  WBEZ

issues once considered "urban" are increasingly showing up in suburban
schools. It's placing cultural, academic and financial demands on
districts that at one time catered to mostly white, middle-class kids.

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