New CEO At Perspectives Charters


Things change, even for charter schools. 

The founders of Perspectives Charter Schools  -- five schools, 2,500 kids -- are handing over the reins of leadership to Rhonda Hopps, who will be the new CEO. 

Read below for the full announcement. 

Any other leadership changes in the works or announced but not yet reported?  Let us know. 
From the Founders' Desk:
Perspectives Welcomes CEO Rhonda Hopps


Dear Friend of

For the past 15 years, we have had the privilege of
founding and working alongside our dedicated board and staff to create
Perspectives Charter Schools, a network of five public schools. As founders, our
passion has been student achievement and school success. We were fortunate to
benefit from the leadership of the late Rodney Joslin who served as our board
chair for 10 years and then spearheaded the growth of our organization to one
that will soon serve over 2,500 students across Chicago. Since Rod's passing over a year ago,
we have been working with our board to identify new leadership and are excited
to announce that we are appointing Rhonda Hopps to serve as Chief Executive
Officer for Perspectives Charter Schools. With Rhonda's appointment, we move
from a founder-led organization to one of a single Chief Executive Officer. We
will be closely involved to assist in this critical transition and will continue
working with Perspectives in new capacities. 
Rhonda is a native
of Evanston, Illinois, and attended Northwestern University earning a dual bachelor degree
in Economics and Mathematics. Rhonda received her MBA from Stanford University
Graduate School of Business. She worked at Allstate Insurance Company for over a
decade and was a senior portfolio manager in its investment management
subsidiary. She then launched an executive coaching business and most recently
was a director of multi-family mortgage originations at Red Mortgage Capital, a
subsidiary of PNC Bank.

brings years of experience working with non-profit organizations. She
has served as either chair or member of the Finance Committee for four
non-profit organizations: LEARN Charter School, National-Louis
University, Illinois Facilities Fund and Mercy Housing Lakefront.
Rhonda is passionate about public education, is acutely aware of the
charter school landscape and will bring a strong presence, financial
and analytical expertise, and proficiency for data assessment to our

We enthusiastically pass the torch to Rhonda and are
confident that she will bring us excellence in leadership - the kind of
leadership that our organization needs to move to the next
Wishing you a happy
and healthy new year,

Kim and Diana


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  • another non-educator appointed to run schools looks like a trend. anyone with an educational degree is not qualified! strange how she does not mention perspectives on her website.

    Searching for Teacher: Rhonda Hopps
    Educator School District City
    No educators were found matching this criteria please try again.

  • Arne't you the guy that used to teach kids how to use scissors or something?

  • In reply to win22:

    at least i am certified to teach scissor use, not some political hack that licks any ass that is in power.

  • In reply to win22:

    You don't happen to be Joe the Plumber...

  • In reply to viniciusdm:

    i am in a union and licensed to teach trades in Illinois, so the answer is no i am not a scab.

  • In reply to viniciusdm:

    The tone of this blog has changed along with the host. I understand why Kugler et al are angry. I thought I was destined to retire with CPS after a timely career change thirteen years ago.

    Now, I'm wondering who wants a thirteen year teacher with two masters and an exemplary (in practice) attendance/performance record.

    Data is always manipulated.

    Suburban decision makers please...look at your
    e applications...yet, how does one break the cronyism egg?

  • Ah,Chicago Public Schools, where willful ignorance is seen as the vital advancement skill. Don't people see when they make fun of an entire field of successful education because they don't like what Kugler has to say that it demonstrates their own ignorance?

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