More Security Cams! Announces Mayor Daley

Remember in 2000 or so when the Mayor got impatient with Paul Vallas and held his own reading summit?  That's the thought that came to mind today when Mayor Daley announced the addition of  more CCTV around Chicago high schools. 

Huberman was there, but it seems like City Hall is calling its own shots on youth violence. 

Note that Chicago schools already have over 6,000 cameras installed inside and out, making this a pretty small and symbolic addition to the supply.

City to install 90 more surveillance cameras near 40 high schools Tribune
city will install another 90 surveillance cameras near 40 public high
schools, Mayor Richard Daley announced today.
Seventy of the city's 154 high schools already have exterior cameras
monitoring them, Chicago Public Schools CEO Ron Huberman said.

90 cameras to be installed outside CPS schools Sun Times
year, a bloody weekend for CPS students prompted Daley to link 4,844
cameras inside schools and 1,437 exterior school cameras to police
districts, squad cars and the 911 center. Until that time, real-time
video from school cameras was accessible only to school security.

CPS Schools Get Video Cameras NBC Chicago
not just turned on when students go to and from school," said Daley. "It's a prevention tool, it's amazing what the cameras
can do."

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