Mopping Up The Mess

The Board will be meeting tomorrow for its monthly dog and pony show.


You can find the official agenda here (PDF).

It includes resolutions (Michael Scott, PBC requests, tax abatements, etc.) 

Then there are some policy changes regarding search and seizure, Board member expenses, and -- the big one -- magnet applications and admissions. 

NB the meeting will also include a hearing about two "code waivers" that that CPS is planning to submit to ISBE.

The complete, final Agenda of Action from the October Board meeting is here.


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  • Has anyone heard about B E-W's demotion

  • Right.. another "dog and pony" show. Sad. Chicago deserves so much better. Our children deserve so much better. The incompetent Daley Run show continues!

  • BEW was demoted when Ron came in; in Ron's affect toward her. Now that M. Scott is RIP, there is no one to control this pitbull. He's been drooling for this opportunity. It is NOT about education y'all. Wait until the closing list comes out--BIG time.

  • Scott should have been charged with a felony for using CPS funds to pay for a trip for him and HIS WIFE overseas. and now it looks as if he was using his office and positions fo influence for private gain. I can bet you if a teacher used a CPS credit card to take his wife and himself overseas, HE WOULD BE FACING CHARGE and accounts frozen.

    scott was crook that should have been indited for racketeering and influence peddling. looks like his activities were worse than blogo. he was one the payroll of a private real estate company while a government agent.

    What was Michael Scott's last big deal?
    Olympic leader worked on massive project near proposed village for 2016 Games,CST-NWS-watchdogs14.article

    Even as he served on the city's Olympic planning committee, Michael W. Scott, the late Chicago School Board president, was also involved in a multibillion-dollar lakefront development project near the proposed Olympic village, records and interviews show.

    Scott, who was a close friend and political ally of Mayor Daley, was a consultant on the proposed condo-and-hotel project across from Soldier Field when he committed suicide last month. Since January, he had been getting paid an undisclosed monthly fee from developer Gerald W. Fogelson, according to B. Timothy Desmond, president of Fogelson Properties Inc.

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