Monday, Money, Mayhem, Murder

Unit 140 skeptical of new federal program offering funding for schools
Crump estimated that if Illinois would take $200 million, 56 percent would go to Chicago public schools.

City Schools' New Criteria for Diversity Raise Fears NYT

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In 2001,
the [San Francisco] school system switched from an approach using race to one
that considers five factors including socioeconomic indicators like
extreme poverty.
But the schools have grown more segregated
under that system, and the school district has begun revamping its

Chicago teen's shooting death ruled homicide Tribune
Chicago Public Schools officials say Hayes was in the 9th grade at Paul Robeson High School.

City and CPS Offer "Safe Haven" Holiday Program For Kids Chicagoist
On Dec. 30, students citywide will present their projects at Doolittle Elementary.

Second Case of Censorship at Stevenson Freedom Project
There's empty space where a story was supposed to appear in this
issue of the Statesman along with a note that says, the editor
wanted to run a story here, but that students had to withhold

City's Virtual Plan to Safeguard Schools MyFox
Outside Dunbar High School, students walked home safely this
afternoon, but they say it's not always this peaceful when they
navigate their way to and from school.

Eight Forty-Eight WBEZ
parents and administrators from Robeson High School join Richard Steele
in a discussion about what can be done to keep kids in school.

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  • Murdered teen Hayes is a 17 year old and a 9th grader at Robeson. Does anyone see the additional sin here?

  • Robeson daycare center closed or never opened under Huberman? Great repeat of the BEZ program, and shows more broken promises.

  • where is the $30,000,000 anti-violence plan? another smash and grab fraud on CPS just like the Save-a-Life Foundation (SALF) and Carol J. Spizzirri whose charter was to teach first aid skills like CPR and the Heimlich maneuver to school children using EMTs and firemen as in-class trainers that had connections to Arne Duncan. in an uncritical 2002 Chicago Sun-Times article, Spizzirri claimed that her foundation trained 400,000 Illinois school children in 2001 alone. Do the math. In a 180-day school year, that's 2,222 children per day. Con-artist and criminal allowed to steal from children by none other than arne duncan.

    The Skeleton in Arne Duncan's Closet§ion=Article

    SALF-gate? 49,000 questions for Education Secretary Arne Duncan

    huberman is allowing the same theft of government funds under his administration(firing teachers to pay for his administrators). do not forget he did it in the past.

    Huberman Guilty Of 'Significant Management Failure',CST-NWS-huberman02.article

    They[CPS] will avoid hiring new staff and, instead, will temporarily increase existing employees

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