Misdeeds Galore In Annual Inspector's Report

School Board sues lawmaker over rent Sun Times
new annual report by Schools Inspector General James Sullivan indicates
Davis has been occupying the board-owned building for at least 14 years
but hasn't paid any rent there for the last seven.

CPS Inspector General Releases 2009 Report WBEZ

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biggest lot of cases stem from CPS employees not living in Chicago - a
school district violation. Some employees were terminated if they
knowingly lied. Others were able to rectify their residency.

Quinn appoints three to state education board Clout Street
Gov. Pat Quinn named three people to the
State Board of Education today, including an Evanston attorney who
campaign finance records show has donated more than $120,000 to state
and federal Democratic candidates...

Central Illinois School Join In Push For State Money State News
The sign outside LeRoy High School has a seemingly simple message.  It says Illinois' IOU: $253,000. 
But the public statement is more than just a reminder that the state is late with school aid payments.

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  • Retired Principal said: The CPS Inspector General report is very interesting.

  • This report is sickening. Monique Davis is a St.Reep; drags Michael Scott to hell with her. She needs to be voted out! How about the years she worked full-time as a CPS administrator WHILE she was a state rep? She gets a big bucks pension and will get another for being a terrible Rep. Gets grants for her boyfriend at Chicago State and involved with an underhanded deed at Julian. Sell you mansion on Longwood Drive and pay your bills girl--just like the people you rep. have too. Ald. Rugai supports her too!

  • ronnie promoted porn....what about when ronnie encouraged cps students to twitter that rap star about his birthday sex song? did not that get investigated? at least three violations of employee discipline code.

    'Birthday Sex' singer encourages CPS attendance

    August 4, 2009 (CHICAGO) (WLS) -- Chicago Public Schools raised some eyebrows by asking R&B singer Jeremih Felton to use Twitter to encourage students to return to school.

    Every year at this time, Chicago public school officials pull out all the stops trying to get kids back in class for the fall term. This year, they put aside any prudish notions and called on the "Birthday Sex" man to get the job done.

    Felton, 21, is a Morgan Park High School alumnus. The singer, whose best known for his hit song "Birthday Sex," has 75,000 followers on Twitter.

    "He's agreeing to help twitter many of our students back to school," said Ron Huberman, Chicago Public Schools CEO.



  • Hey IG: When Principal Rito from Little Village HS, was foung guilty, as covered in this blog earlier and in your report, why was he allowed to stay and work, and get paid and assist with picking the new principal? (gee, he picked his AP.) For those of us who have been found NOT living in the city, like Rito, but we did not lie about it, like Rito did, we were discharged immediately. Isn't this a violation by someone at CPS to let him stay on and be paid as principal when he was to be discharged? Some are more equal than others and have friends in high places.

  • Retired Principal said: In regard of Principal Rito, it's not what you know but who you know! This was the deal that he cut with CPS's blessing!

  • It was hard enough to get Rito Martinez out of LVLHS. I reported him to the inspector general's office more than a year prior to his removal. With 4 new principals, things at LVLHS are running a lot smoother. Of course, should the campus have 4 principals and 4 APs? And a campus manager? Probably not. Oh, and it is one of the schools on Hubie's secret violence watch list.

  • wow -- dismissing a teacher for the death of a spouse when the teacher hasn't been charged criminally? didn't know the IG's office was a criminal court.


  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Wow is right. The district attorney and police are not pursuing charges in the case, but "a [CPS] hearing officer did not buy her claims" of self defense. I'm sure the OIG did an investigation as full and complete as the government legal authorities...oh, wait...maybe not.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    If the public needs to make a report here is the place to do it!


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