Magnet Reactions, Confusion & More

Magnet school formula

Clare Munana, the Chicago school board's interim president, talks
Wednesday with Patrick Rocks, the board's general counsel.

Chicago magnet school admissions: School board fine-tunes policy Tribune

Board members also end their own expense accounts, after Michael Scott's spending in Copenhagen raised questions.

CPS unveils new rules for school closings Sun Times

Now, with the 2010 deadline swiftly approaching,
Chicago Schools CEO Ron Huberman has unveiled a proposed "Student Bill
of Rights'' and a new set of closing guidelines that would address some
concerns raised by Daley's "Renaissance 2010" initiative.

Minority Parents Force Chicago Schools to Extend Magnet Registration

Latin American Herald Tribune

of parents with the Black Star Project chanted "educate or die" in
front of the school board members, whom they accused of attacking the
civil rights of African American students and Latino students.

New policy for enrollment in city's magnet, selective enrollment schools Chicago Current

The initial policy had the split at 50-50 as opposed to 40-60, according to a news release.

Cheat Sheet: A New Magnet Policy and Demands for a New School
WBEZ education reporter Linda Lutton brings us a quick and dirty guide to the monthly Chicago school board meeting.

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  • Interesting question over at CPS Obsessed blog: "What I DON

  • mike klonsky points out the hypocrisy coming from the board about the deseg consent decree:

    "All this reminds me of the guy who murdered his parents and then threw himself on the mercy of the court claiming he was an orphan."

  • ok so now we get some clarification from CPS spokesperson monique bond about what she calls "adjustments" or "review" and others have been calling the gut check. says bond:


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