Grading The Year So Far

Yesterday wasn't just the Board meeting day.  It was also Progress Report Distribution day -- a time to find out how your kids are doing and also to reflect on how the year has gone so far. 

In logistical terms, distribution day means that teachers have to get their grades into the system, and parents have to get them out.  So, how did it go?  Is IMPACT acting any better than it has in the past?  Did anyone try the online portal for parents?

Over all is this year shaping up to be better or worse than you expected or than previous years?  Are kids doing any better (or worse) than in recent years? Are you grading any harder or easier than in the past?

I get the sense that everyone is fearful and miserable, but perhaps that's an overly negative impression.

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  • our progess reports were better, but these are easier to do. Our 10 week quarter grades were a mess.

  • Roche gets Warning Resolution, yesterday.§ion=Article

    Now he will be stuck in CPS for years!

  • 1st Quarter Report Cards were an embarrassment. Wrong teachers listed for classes, grades in the Quarter 2 slots, comments missing. I am still boycotting this system. I enter maybe one grade per week into it and just override what it "calculates" for progress reports and report cards. I cant enter them at home and the software I use is much better. As far as student effort - My homeroom 13/27 F's for this progress report.

  • With IMPACT-Gradebook the student failure rate has gone up. This software is causing the high D-F grades. Instead of working on the software, the CAOs are making principals work on the teachers to change student grades so the failure rate is not as high. Against CPS policy, but so what? If you do not want to be written up or want a better raiting, you better NOT have a high student failure rate, even if students do nothing or do not come to classfor weeks.

  • How could the software be causing high numbers of D's and F's? You can weight categories and individual assignments in any manner you want.

    "I enter maybe one grade per week into it and just override what it "calculates" for progress reports and report cards." cklaus


  • Our tax money is supporting some of the most non-intuitive webware software available. The process of selecting software for district wide use by staff should be overhauled. Teachers deserve better that get third rate time wasters. A general user of the internet will notice that CPS uses web 1.0 apps (and bad ones at that) when the internet is moving onto web 3.0. Why our tax money is spent on two gradebooks that are old ... chancery and gradebook.. is beyond me!

  • Wow.

    I keep real records in separate software. They receive about 20 grades per marking period. No, IMPACT does not deflate kids grades - the math is still the math. There are 69.5 ways to get an F, only 7.5 to get an A. Of course, much of this has to do with the fact that they're 8th graders and they know perfectly well that a Science F is somewhere between a Reading F and an Art F, probably closer to the latter.

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