Fenger Kids Coming To Lincoln Park High School? [updated]


CPS transfer offer to Fenger students not good enough, parent says Medill
White-Robinson, a mother of two Fenger High School students who are
suing Chicago Public Schools for the right to transfer, said  she would
withdraw them from school starting tomorrow.

Transfer plan OK'd for Fenger students who sued Tribune
plan allows the students to switch to Morgan Park High School, Julian
High School or Lincoln Park Academy. They can also transfer to the
selective enrollment school Carver Military Academy, and district
officials say the students' circumstances will be taken into account
during the application process.

U.S. Judge Says Chicago Schools Must Allow Transfers After Beating EdWeek

federal judge says Chicago public schools must arrange for the
immediate transfer of students who want to leave a South Side high
school after an honor student's brutal beating death.

UPDATED THURS AM:  3 Fenger students charged after fights and threats

Tribune:  Two
15-year-old males were charged as juveniles after they were involved in
separate fights early Wednesday at the embattled Fenger High School,
officials said.

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  • Retired Principal said: There was another fight on the third floor at Fenger High School today!

  • PLEASE! How are these kids to get from Atlgeld to Lincoln Park?! Even the other two schools will take a long time via taking huberman's) CTA. Students AND parents at MPHS and Julian will know that and label these students as the "ALtgeld kids." How are these parents to get the $ for bus fare?
    Ronnie--anything to NOT let Dr. Donnie look bad for all the evil he has perpetrated? THIS must of made MICHAEL sick! Give them the space at Carver HS. Face it. It is the right thing to do-you don't get that and MS is gone. Take DON out of Fenger (another fight there today) and give these students CARVER! WAKE UP.

  • good tip, retired principal -- the tribune confirmed your report about chaos at fenger here: http://www.chicagobreakingnews.com/2009/12/2-arrested-following-fight-at-fenger-high-school.html

  • We got our first transfers today. I think it's interesting that the Turnaround crew gets all the money, fails, and then we get no reward for accepting the students into our functional school.

    I'm happy to educate any student who walks through the door. I'd just like to see fair dispersal of the resources. We've been asking for enough resources so as to not cut faculty in the middle of the year, have decent resources and class sizes for the longest time. Why refuse experienced, successful educators, and give it to failed reformers instead?

  • steve rhodes from the beachwood reporter notes that violence was already surging in 2006, according to several sun times stories -- check out his full post here:


  • there's still no clear explanation why CPS offered fenger kids who live practically in indiana the chance to go to lincoln park, according to this post in the lincoln park now blog.


    maybe it was a symbolic thing, or maybe one of the kids actually wants to go to LPHS. has this happened yet? sort of a cool experiment, absurd as it may seem.

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