"Don't Bring A Gun To A Snowball Fight"

To me, this video is all about bad classroom management.  This
guy does everything a teacher could do wrong, all in the space of five minutes.  He loses his temper, engages with his hecklers,
makes empty threats, and escalates the situation,and eventually becomes the offender.

Watch and learn, teachers, and make this your motto:  "Don't bring a gun to a snowball fight."  Or maybe I'm not being fair?  [More
details at City Paper]


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  • LMAO Alex! You are absolutely right! If I overreacted in my classroom the way this officer did at the snowball fun, I mean fight, I would last about a day. Never let em see you sweat!

  • wow. epic fail. thanks for the link alexander.

  • When will we learn the lessons of the Boston Massacre?

  • I've just gotta know how this all started. Did some prick hurl a snowball at his Hummer or did he simply overreact to a snowball fight in the intersection? Either way, this cop's gonna be up the creek without a paddle. Best of luck!

  • This cop/guy is an idiot. He has no badge/ID wither. Should be used for training as what NOT to do. He should be grateful for the backup he got and he should be disciplined.

  • interesting take on the situation from arresting tales (a blog):

    "thank God the cop was black."


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