Another Kind Of Clout: Scholarships

Connections Between Campaign Donors and Scholarship Recipients Statehouse News
Lawmakers have awarded at least 197 tuition-free scholarships to
relatives of campaign contributors, according to an investigation by
Illinois Statehouse News.
Some lawmakers and good government groups have raised concerns that the
scholarship program favors the politically connected (see link).

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Teen shot on busy street in Logan Square
Gonzalez had just tried to re-enroll in middle school Tuesday morning
when he was shot in the head while walking home with his mother along a
busy street in Logan Square, according to his family and
law-enforcement sources.
Chicago police...

Teachers' union endorses Hynes for governor ABC7
powerful teachers' union is endorsing Democrat Dan Hynes for governor.
The Illinois Federation of Teachers is promising money and workers to
help him win the February 2 primary.

Have grant, will travel Tribune
Vecchioni is one of 291 Chicago Public Schools teachers to receive Oppenheimer grants, which ranged from $200 to $2,000.

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