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One Scholarship, 163 Ways to Dole It Out Statehouse News
The Illinois General Assembly scholarship doesn't work like other scholarships.

White female teachers and black male students Examiner
Put 12.5 black guys and 12.5 black girls,
at any grade level above primary, in a large room, with your average
white teacher, stand outside...

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Dueling LSC events PURE
years ago, a broad representation of the Chicago school reform
community got together to plan a 10th anniversary party
for local school councils.  How times have changed.

iPhones -- New Help for Special Needs Kids Chicago Moms Blog
-- I do not now nor have I ever worked for Apple, and they haven't paid
me in goods or dollars for this post (although I'm open to negotiation).

I'm now a CPS working parent CPS Obsessed
Now begins the trials and tribulations of combining a new work schedule
with getting a 6-year-old boy to school each mornings, dealing with the
multitude of CPS days off, and generally entrusting my son's school to
"raise" him about 9 hours a day.
I'm [...]

Chicago's North Side need more gentrification?
One Story Up
residents gathered this morning to say that the concentration of wealth
in this community should not be allowed to continue unrestricted - that
demolishing their homes and building more market-rate in an already
saturated market isn't right and doesn't make sense.

Big Brother can follow you to your death. Who knew? Eric Zorn

Who knew?


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  • "White female teachers and black male students"

    There is a stunning lack of evidence supporting that statement. It sounds like something a streetwise vendor might say. He really needs to show evidence that white female teachers escalate black male youth, leading to disproportionately high suspension rates. He should probably also show proof that black male youth learn more from black teachers. Or, he should stop blaming white women for the relatively low education levels of the students for whom he is....he thinks....advocating.

  • Part of education is learning what sorts of behavior are expected by the environment you're in and conforming to them. I doubt white female teachers are removing students from their classrooms for trivial reasons.

  • Mr. Kunjufu came to our inner city AA high school some years ago to talk to the parents and LSC and to sell his books. Pretty sure he got paid for coming. The irony here you will see was that while he did blast the white teachers (male and female) in statements to the crowd and touted that only AA teachers should be teaching AA students; what he did not know is that the AA freshman English teacher let his students play cards in each class daily, the AA math teacher went into another AA teacher's van during his daily prep to smoke some weed, the AA social studies teacher showed a pirated video of Roots for months, one AA teacher called her students jungle bunnies and another AA teacher bragged about her children out in the suburban school stating that her CPS teaching was just a job in order to pay the high taxes there. And the married AA principal was having an affair with his AA secretary.

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