The Mysterious ChicagoNow Comment Picture

pothole small.jpg

It's freaked me out for months now but I've been too embarrassed to admit it: Am I the only one who thinks that, in its small size, the default icon for ChicagoNow commenters (pictured left) looks strange and reptilian, like a sea snake coming out of the lake or maybe even the Loch Ness monster?  Something sinister and mysterious?

pothole small.jpg

Up close, of course, you can tell it's a pothole with a rubber cone stuck in to
warn cars away - an all too common site. 

There's a faded insignia on
the cone -- a cute bear.  Maybe it's a Bears cone? 

But far away, in
its thumbnail size and on my dark old monitor, it's hard to tell what's going on.  The pavement
begins to look like water. Seriously.  I'm wearing my new glasses and it looks a little clearer now, but still...

Anyone else had this issue (and brave enough to admit it)?

This has nothing to do with education, I know. 

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  • sort of phallic

  • Data Ron:--besides the horrible attendance rate for track E schools this year (which means CPS loses $$$), the 2008 Juvinile Arrests for October were 9.5%, the third highest after April and May. What month do our Track E students get 3 weeks off in?

  • At first glance I thought it was a yard elf:)

  • Thought it was a dunce cap, that should default for Daley and Huberman trolls and apologists.

  • at first from far away it did look like a yard elf lol but that is wierd shouldt that bee on a day care center not on a pot hole the city should fix that hole

  • Kind of like a distant relative of the sand worm in Beetlejuice...

  • I thought it was some kind of artifact coming out of the sand with the surf behind it...but am I embarrassed about that? Not really...I see weird things all the time...

  • Flaccid sorting hat.

  • Are you making fun of my picture? That chair rocks. I wish I was sitting in it right now!

  • Was wondering about that icon myself. Tried to change it to something else, but it wouldn't take. I guess it would be more obvious if the cone were the standard orange color...

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