Testing Teachers, Shared Schools, Fenger 100, & More

School districts retooling how they evaluate teachers Tribune
in Evanston- Skokie School District 65 used to be judged on what they
did in the classroom. Now their evaluations -- and their pay -- will
also depend on what their students do.

Shared Chicago Public Schools: Saving Space or Creating Chaos? ChicagoTalks
2008, North Lawndale College Preparatory High School and Collins
Academy High School have shared the same campus. And while Chicago
Public Schoo

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ls combined the schools to save space and funds, the dual
school has caused an ongoing controversy in North Lawndale.

Praise and criticism in Fenger brawl case Tribune
Police Superintendent Jody Weis praised witnesses who identified a
14-year-old boy as taking part in the infamous fatal beating of a
Fenger High School student but at the same time chastised them for
taking too long to come forward.

Students from Altgeld complex voice Fenger concerns Tribune

Cheryl Johnson, a community leader, said school officials
underestimate the number of Fenger students who want to transfer. She estimates there are abut 100 students who want
to transfer.

Profile of IL schools from new Chamber/CAP report here here (PDF).

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  • Regarding shared schools. How dare they say they ask for parental input. They didn't when they moved Edison into a shared building. While the Administration of both schools have done a good job of making it work, it is still wrong to have children -- Kindergarten through 6th Grade mixed with 500 7th and 8th graders. Can you imagaine your child listening to the language, having to deal with fights, etc. What school in the US Secretary Duncan do they do this at? Wrong, wrong, wrong

  • Retired Principal said: Collins High School is closing because of Ren 2010!

  • Retired Principal said: The 53rd Education Conference, February 4-5, 2010 at the Fairmount Chicago Hotel will be featuring Ron Huberman as a speaker: "Ron Huberman was appointed Chief Executive Officer of the Chicago Public Schools on January 28, 2009. His appointment to the CPS continues his distinguished career in public service in the City of Chicago. As president of the Chicago Transit Authority from 2007 to 2009, Huberman instituted a company-wide turnaround plan based on performance managedment principals at the second-largest transit agency in the country. During Huberman's tenure at the CTA, ridership grew 5.4 percent in 2008, its highest level since 1992. Huberman will be the first CPS CEO to present a session at a CPAA/CPS Annual Education Conference."

  • Retired Principal said: In the October 2009 issue of "The Lamp" by the Chicago Principal & Administrators Association (CPAA), Clarice Berry writes in "A Message From The President": "If by chance you read the October issue of "Chicago Union Teacher", you might think that things are not going smoothly at Gunsaulus School. Nothing could be further from the truth. I know because I was at the school by invitation of Principal Amy Kotz on opening day, along with CPS Senior Staff, CLASS Professional Development Staff, CTU Quest Staff, and University of Illinois Principal Mentoring Director and Principal Coach. Why were we all there that morning? Certinly not to "investigate" any allegations, but to participate in a joint professional developement activity planned with the principal. The morning started out with a great breakfast for staff and guests all mingling together, chatting about the start of a new school year. A lot of the talk that morning was about the party the principal gave that weekend in her home for school members to get reacquanted and meet new staff joining the faculty."

  • dear retired principal--I am disappointed with CPAA right now. I am fine with the defense of the principal but it went overboard--there are so many more who are treated terribly out there, where is the PR for that? And as for using Huberman's biog--now there is real PR! So Principals and APs have to pay $400 to hear him speak and present what we should already be getting for free?! No one knows what the hell is going on, but let's wait until Feb. 2010 and let's charge our school leaders big $ to find out. There is something really wrong here. Your reaction please.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Don't be fine with the defense of the principal at Gunsaulus. You have no idea of the malfeasance perpetrated by her and the LSC chairperson there. The CPAA should be defending principals, but defending a bad apple does not benefit the hard working principals who manage schools effective every single day. Defending Amy Kotz is wrong as you can not defend the indefensible. Clarice Berry should lose her position for defending a tyrant and making both the CPAA and all principals look bad. Remember this at election time and vote her out.

  • here's another article someone sent in -- more arabic in chicago schools: http://www.suntimes.com/news/cityhall/1873518,arabic-chicago-schools-mayor-daley-110909.article

    meantime, what's huberman's blog? huberman has a blog?

    / alexander

  • Not blog. Biog. As in biography. Or bio.

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