Teacher Pay, Magnet Makeover, Race To The Top

School districts' salary gaps don't always affect test scores Tribune

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at the highest-paying grade school district in the Chicago area make
twice as much as their colleagues at the local elementary school paying
the lowest wages. Yet both suburban school systems boast strong student test scores,
advanced courses and involved parents.

Magnet Makeover Sun Times

And although siblings of existing students had a much greater chance
of winning magnet seats, their entry under the old admission policy was
not a lock. Only 45 percent of open seats were set aside for them under
the old process.

Illinois moving ahead on Race to the Top Catalyst
is expected to release official guidelines for Race to the Top
applications in the coming weeks and the first round of applications
are expected to be due near the beginning of the year. A second round
of vetting is scheduled for later in the spring.

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  • Retired Principal said: The winners of the CTPF trustee positions representing retirees are Walter Pilditch, Mary Sharon Reilly and James Ward!

  • Thanks RP, but sad news. Lou Pyter and Terry Katsulis would have had the knowledge and strength to fight for our pension. All one can hope is that WP will stop being so lazy and fight for what is fair and just. he is a yse-man and we need someone who will say no more to CPS smoke and mirrors.

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Bad news, indeed.

    Isn't James Ward under investigation for something that could send him to prison if he's found guilty?

  • In reply to AlexanderRusso:

    Retired Principal said: If no additional money is provided by the Illinois General Assembly for pension health insurance rebates in January 2010, retirees rebates will drop from 70% to 30%! Retirees will have to pay 40% more money for health insurance and it will be deducted from your pension check starting July 1, 2010! Please contact your state senator and state representative today, so this doen't happen!

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