Suing For Safety, Changing Risk Estimates, New Union Teachers

Chicago Students, Looking For Safer Schools, Sue City Wall Street Journal


An emergency hearing on the matter is scheduled for Monday at the U.S.
District Court in Chicago.

CPS beefing up force of traveling security officers Sun Times

Staffers say over
the past few weeks their team has grown from its original nine members
to about 20. They said more hiring is scheduled.

Quarter-century after Wilson killed, issues in city schools haven't changed Sun Times
mayor of Chicago called for an end to the violence.  So did the Rev. Jesse
Jackson, city officials and school administrators. The tragic story was
highlighted on local and network TV news. Newspapers editorialized
about it.

4th Chicago teen charged in videotaped beating Sun Times
A fourth teenager faces murder charges in the beating death of Chicago high school honor student Derrion Albert.

Chicago Public Schools looks to advocacy group for curbing teen violence Tribune
the number of students on the list has grown twice, from 200 to 250,
then just recently to 300...Principals were allowed to add and remove names from the list, sources
said. After being notified which students were on the list, principals
expressed concern about some students who were omitted and said some
who had been included were harmless.

Youth Town Hall Calls for More Jobs

a recent rise in street violence, students at a South Side rally Sunday
called on state and federal leaders to expand job and internship
programs in an effort to redirect at-risk youth.

New Union Charts Fresh Course for Educators Chicago Current
Mueller, who headed the teachers' negotiating committee, disagrees. She
says the negotations were amicable, and that the union was instrumental
in securing a transparent wage scale, class-size limits and a voice in
curricular changes.

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  • cbs2 says that the judge has ordered cps to respond to the fenger students' complaint and to meet again just before thanksgiving:


  • The story on the New Union is excellent. Sadly, the CTU has not effectively taken the lead to support or encourage more organizing efforts at charter schools. Even if they cannot join the CTU, which they should be allowed to do (or at least bargain for comparable wages and benefits) the CTU must send the message that charters will NOT bust unions! Keep up the good pro-labor efforts out there. I suspect that after the next CTU election, our house will be in order enough to help other charters follow suit.

  • Retired Principal said: Hopefully, the Fenger parents and students will finally get justice!

  • A federal judge ordered Chicago Public Schools to arrange transfers for Fenger High School students.

    This is all stems from the beating death of Fenger student, Derrion Albert. Following the death, CPS leaders told Fenger students they could transfer to safer schools. But last week, some parents and students filed a lawsuit, claiming officials weren't following through on their offer and were violating a constitutional right to a public education.

    On Monday at an emergency hearing, the plaintiffs asked for an order that would prevent CPS from denying the transfers. A judge ruled on their behalf. The judge ordered the Chicago Board of Education to respond in writing by the end of the week and both parties to reconvene next Monday.

    Judge to CPS: Let Fenger High School Students Transfer
    C. Hayes WGNTV NEWS
    November 16, 2009,0,3494549.story

    why do parents have to go to court to keep their children safe?

    John Kugler

  • Thank the feds for this - Dr. Don and Ron refuse to admit that this is important to the children of Altgeld--they is ignorant! god bless Michael Scott.

  • by Matt Farmer, Chicago lawyer and musician.
    Posted: November 16, 2009 02:22 PM
    "Diversity Is Great, But It Won't Save Chicago's Public Schools"

  • Paras Bhayani

    Paras Bhayani teaches at a charter school on Chicago's south side.
    Posted: November 16, 2009 02:52 PM

    "Making Teachers Unions Work for Students -- And All Teachers"

  • transcript:

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    Q Well, my question is about standardized testing. So there's a federal mandate that states every student in Colorado must take the CSAP. Now, our school is very diverse and many students do not speak English, although versed in two different languages, and they are forced to take this step. And our school gets funding on how well students do on the test. And of course, because they do not speak English they cannot understand the test and they do not do well.

    I just want to ask, what are your feelings on standardized testing? Is it a fair way to grade high schools and schools all over the country?

    MRS. OBAMA: Well, that's a good question. And it's an interesting question for me because when I was growing up I was never a great standardized test-taker. So from a personal level, I would always get nervous and feel a great deal of anxiety over test-taking. So it was always a point of frustration for me personally, and I didn't speak a second language. It was just some people are really good test-takers and some aren't.

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