Student Killed, Schools Embrace Gardening

Boy, 17, killed in South Chicago neighborhood Tribune
Bond, a spokeswoman for Chicago Public Schools, said that the teen was
a 10th-grader at Chicago Discovery Academy High School.

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Fear a common factor Austin Weekly
drive-by shootings and abductions are not the only safety concerns for
these teens. Avery, 17, is afraid of getting beaten up. "I'll be
walking down the street with my headphones on, and I'll get a beat down
for being in the wrong place at the wrong time."

Chicago schools get new tool in fight against youth violence

new program announced Wednesday, seeks to stem youth violence in
Chicago schools by reaching out to students through sports and
counseling. It hopes to become a national model

Inner-city kids develop green thumbs
Columbia Chronicle
the reaction of an elementary school student who first discovers that
vegetables actually grow out of the ground, beginning as seeds and
developing into edible plants, as opposed to a stack in a grocery
store's display. 

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    November 19, 2009 10:31 pm

  • Kid #2 - same spot.
    "Luis Garcia was standing at a makeshift memorial for a slain friend Wednesday afternoon when he was fatally shot in the chest by a gunman more than a block away, Chicago police said.

    Some residents call the 2900 block of East 87th Street -- where both shootings took place -- the "dead zone" because of all the violence that takes place there. It is a crossroads between three gangs: Latin Kings, Ambrose and Latin Dragons.

    Garcia, 17, was trying to get out of the Latin Kings, but efforts by a community center last spring to find another high school in a different neighborhood failed because he had a criminal record and poor grades, center officials and his family said.


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