Slang Chicago Neighborhood Names (Terror Town, The Ville)

After the Fenger High School mob violence everyone was talking about The 'Ville, a part of Roseland that wasn't on any map I could find and wasn't familiar to any Chicago experts I could get to respond (Where's The 'Ville?).  Eventually I read that it was 111th Street

Now there's Terror Town, another informal neighborhood name that's come up in the press because of a recent drug arrest. 


At least Terror Town has some printed coordinates:  75th and 79th avenues and Yates and Colfax streets.  There's even useful signage to let you know when you're close, courtesy of Chi_Martin. There's even a book set there. 

This reminds me that there are lots of neighborhood names that aren't on the official list (and aren't the creations of realtors).  Boystown, where I grew up, was just the Near North Side or maybe Lakeview when I was a kid.  (No one called it Wrigleyville until long after I left for college, BTW.) 

I'm guessing there are lots more. Are there any unofficial neighborhood names where you live or work? 

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  • Another dead CPS Student to the murder toll - the teen was a 10th-grader at Chicago Discovery Academy High School.

  • Not sure of the coordinates, but there's an area in/around South Shore referred to as "Hot Pockets."

  • Retired Principal said: Alexander, here are some other gang set names; Pockettown, Sercon City, Dodge City, C Town, Outlaw City, The Valley, East End GD (071, Murder Shore, Paxtown, East Sides Moes, Terror Town, Motown, Tribeville, Outlaw City, Medina City, Bar-None City, Lake Side and Lon City.

  • The patch: east of ashland division to north
    I think it's a negative connotation derived from its ungentrphied-ness and latino gang presence.

  • In reply to cklaus76:

    Actually the Patch goes way back to when it was an all Italian neighborhood. Nothing to do with Latinos.

  • In reply to cklaus76:

    the dead zone is east 87th street, according to this tribune story about a kid who got killed standing in front of a memorial for another dead teen.,0,7474538.story

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