School Shouldn't Be More Segregated Than Anywhere Else


Blogger Matt Farmer thinks that the maintaining an island of diversity in Chicago's magnet programs stands little chance and does not enough good considering how segregated Chicago and its schools are (Diversity Won't Save Chicago's Public Schools).  Columnist Dennis Byrne thinks that anything other than geography or merit is a scheme not worth continuing (What really sent public education into a tailspin).  I think they're both wrong.  When it comes to diversity, Chicago public schools make Chicago look like a Benetton ad.  Let's not let things get so much worse than society at large while we wait for a solution.  And while I understand that desegregation talk and educationese is off-putting to many, there are just too many reminders of how ineffective and destructive the unfettered free market can be to take Byrne's suggestion seriously. 

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  • Sorry--but I have to roll my eyes when people like Matt Farmer start talking about neighborhood schools. He like, Julie W and George Schmidt bypassed his [excellent] neighborhood school for his child. So spare me--if they want to make the neighborhood schools work, support them by being there with their children.

  • interesting point. i'm not sure i agree, but where did farmer's kid go?

  • Edison--he was very involved in that controversy.
    He apparently thrives on controversy.

  • So if we're now letting the neighborhood kids into the magnets, how about moving some of the magnets to the poorer neighborhoods?

  • Mr. Farmer

  • I think you just wind up with the fact that parents don't want to have their students traveling long distances to unfamiliar neighborhoods.

    Given Chicago's neighborhood segregation, that dislike of commuting out of neighborhood means that most students will attend a school that is overwhelmingly like the neighborhood it is located in, both class and ethnic group.

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