School News: New Schools, New Hires, Doughnuts For Breakfast


Chicago may open charter school near Altgeld Gardens

Public Schools is seeking to place a new charter school near the
Altgeld Gardens housing complex for sixth- to 12th-grade students, a
move that could quell tension in a community that has been vocal about
wanting a neighborhood option for its high...

Snapshot of Altgeld Gardens: From Community Organizing to Crisis WBEZ
Linda Paul and photographer Richard Cahan visit Altgeld Gardens a year after President Obama was elected.

State probes errors in stimulus money used for school jobs Tribune
Vanover, a spokesman for board of education, said the flawed database
actually had been washed of some glaring errors before being included
in the official tabulation, which claimed that 14,330 local school jobs
in Illinois had either been saved or created thanks to $1.25 billion in
federal funds.  

$154K schools job for ex-Daley aide Sun Times
a burgeoning financial crisis that has forced a $43 million property
tax increase and hundreds of job cuts, the Chicago Board of Education
has found a $154,000-a-year job for an all-purpose mayoral

CPS breakfasts are big on doughnuts, sugary cereals
10-year-old boy sat grinning at the colorful cellophane wrappers piled
in front of him.
Moments earlier they'd held three warm doughnuts. PLUS: A day without doughnuts.

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  • 14 pay raises over eight years -- three within two months -- granted to former gang member-turned convicted Hired Truck czar Angelo Torres.

    At the time, Lumpkin called those sign-offs "routine for the role that I served in."

    Lumpkin downplayed as "routine" $445.6 million in transaction errors that cost a top employee his job and deprived taxpayers of $102,428 in interest and penalties.,CST-NWS-skul05web.article

    This sh-- is out of hand straight out crony being hired now in CPS.


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