Replacing Scott, Charter Approvals, Stevenson HS Paper

No Replacement for Scott, Yet WBEZ
Daley says he's spoken to a few candidates about the position but they would have big shoes to fill.

Education Week: Ill. Senate to study school discipline racial gap EdWeek
Illinois Senate will try to find the cause of a gaping racial disparity
in how schoolchildren are disciplined, officials said Tuesday.

Billboards seek info on killings of CPS students Sun Times
a litter-strewn, vacant lot in Englewood, steps away from three houses
of worship, a billboard went up Tuesday, asking, essentially, what is
the price of a child's life.

CPS adds five new charter schools
Chicago Current1111111111111111111
Southside community members criticized the school district's plan to open one charter school in an existing elementary school.

Chicago again poised to be country's most violent city for youth Medill
Since 2006, Chicago has been at the top of the country's five most populous cities in youth homicides, statistics show.

Chicago Board of Education Rescheduled Monthly Meeting WBEZ
Welcome and Public Comment, Including Proclamations and Eulogies for Michael Scott

Call to Order, Board Actions

Student Board Member Sounds Off On Education Policies

Bolden has high hopes for himself and the rest of the student's in
the board group this year. He plans to hold community board meetings at
high schools across the city to listen to students' concerns. And he
says the board's student group wants to help fashion a policy solution
to reduce violence among Chicago students.

Suburban high school's editors ordered to publish Tribune
than a week after administrators at Stevenson High School in
Lincolnshire halted the release of the student newspaper because of
stories dealing with drinking, smoking and teen pregnancy, staff
members said they were told today that they had less than two hours to
produce the paper without the controversial stories, or receive failing

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  • "Students who want Damani to represent their concerns at the next board meeting, or who wish to make a comment about their school or other matters concerning Chicago Public Schools, should contact Damani at" - from WBEZ story

    Damani "Bolden has high hopes for himself and the rest of the student's in the board group this year. He plans to hold community board meetings at high schools across the city to listen to students

  • Damani focuses a lot on "parents." Funny how CPS can blow off even the most engaged, passionate, and present parents --- when the issue is FAPE for students with disabilities. Damani really needs to get out and talk to students with disabilities (with engaged parents and otherwise).

  • Maybe Access Living and Rod Estvan could help Damani Bolden set this up.

  • City Council honors Scott:

  • Who out there would want to give their life for Daley? The only one that should be board president is Chico--anyone else will only be the end of a rat tail.

  • What would stop a charter at Thorpe in South Chicago?--don't send students to it! It's that simple. LEARN charter will beg, conjole and promise anything to get kids into it--
    THORPE parents--vote with your feet--DO NOT apply to the school. CPS will not keep a school open that is EMPTY!

  • DAMNI--good luck to you, but young brother, do not make the same mistake the Mikva Challange HS students did with their detailed report and 'Do/Don'ts' to Mr. Huberman. Get to the inner-city HSs, not the ones where, like the Mikva students, they had to apply and have high scores and attendance to get into their schools. Get down and dirty and meet with the students of Fenger and Julian and Wells and schools that have the neighborhood students attending. Get to Middle schools like Marshall, Evergreen, Ames--the big ones that are NOT charters. These are the students you and we need to hear from. Sorry, but the Mikva report was pie in the sky and Huberman will basically ignore it and state there is no money. You can do it!

  • Forgive me for spelling your name wrong, Damani. My apologies.

  • Damani: Thanks for your thoughtful comments. I agree with your idea that "blame games" are not productive. The question I would have is "What do you do with a policy that doesn't work at all?" That's not an issue of blame, it's a simple evaluation the likes of which we should do with all public policy.

    Ren2010 is not the cause of all violence in Chicago. There are many root causes. The question is rather, "Does this initiative increase or reduce violence in the city or the school?" With Fenger, it's quite clear--the initiative has taken a school that already had it's challenges with neighborhood violence and exacerbated the problem.

    Furthermore, doesn't the firing of all staff at a school constitute the most radical implementation of the "blame game" possible?

  • Chicago adds 5 new charter schools. Privatization is not reform, it's patronage. "Please work with us and not against us," Garcia said. "It looks like that this Renaissance 2010 is really just a big business plan. Our children are not commodities," Vance said.

  • Ren 2010 is a ruse for patronage!

  • Thank you 9:19--Time to call Dr. Don out from his destruction of Fenger and it's community--poor Michael Scott, he should have told Dr. Don off instead of leaving us. Thanks Dr. Don, now you can add another notch to your destruction 'tool' belt.

  • Inspector General David Hoffman said Tristan lied to investigators looking into hiring and recommended he be fired -- leading to Tristan's resignation.

    Mayor Richard Daley turned to the private sector Wednesday for a new personnel chief as he struggles to shed the stigma of federal scrutiny over city hiring.

  • based on his absence from several events, substance's george schmidt thinks that scott was already being frozen out in the weeks leading up to his death --§ion=Article

    what do you think?

  • still no word on a possible replacement for scott -- first things, first i guess. the police department investigation is still not over, and some of the aldermen and community leaders are not feeling the new student assignment magnet plan.

    here's an article about the current state of the police investigation,jody-weis-michael-scott-suicide-120309.article

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