Reinberg Vs. UNO, College Prep In Middle School, & More

CPS, Charter School Vie for Notre Dame WBEZ
Public Schools is trying to buy the old Notre Dame High School for
Girls to relieve overcrowding at a northwest side school [Reinberrg]. But one of
the district's powerful charter schools wants the building for itself.

Inside Coles Elementary ABC7
caring place starts with caring people, real role models like Elroy
Estes, Dase's high school friend.

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Cooking competition promotes healthy eating Tribune
2009 Cooking Up Change competition, hosted by the Healthy Schools
Campaign gave high school students a chance to create a healthy school
lunch. The winning meal will be served in schools across the country
and in the U.S. House of Representatives' cafeteria.

College-prep program moving down to middle schools
Instead of looking for correct
answers, the tutors check for something else: The students' homework is
to develop questions about their schoolwork, as a strategy to help
build critical thinking skills...

Swine vaccinations start today at Southland schoolsSouthtown Star
The goal is to vaccinate as many students in the 700 suburban Chicago schools as possible before the Christmas holiday.

Illinois data on stimulus-related jobs saved, created don't add up Chicago Tribune
Chicago schools
budget chief Christina Herzog said the district easily saved at least
1200 jobs because of the stimulus, but didn't report them as such

Cooking competition promotes healthy eating in Chicago schools Medill Report
High school students from 15 Chicago public schools participated in the event.

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  • RANGEL-he bites the hand that feeds him! He's awfully powerful. Rangel stated: Instead of battling it out with us (UNO)over that building, I would suggest that CPS fulfill its commitment to our community here and build a brand-new modern school.
    Earlier this year, Illinois lawmakers gave UNO what

  • Rangel and Solis built UNO, the "non-profit" version of the Hispanic Democratic Organization. These grifters have made out well, getting over the last two years 120,000,000 dollars of your TAX Dollars for their backwater unenlightened testing drill kill curriculum. It is not about what you know but who you know. Rangel brags about his connections and making off with YOUR tax money. I hear an investigation into their operations is in order. Any ex UNO folks willing to share?

  • oh i hope someone investigates UNO. they are so corrupt and he spends the money as he pleases. rangel's salary is over $150,000.

  • CPS nutrition

  • Didn't ProPublica probe prior to Trib?

  • Actually, UNO is not against Reinberg. UNO is in support of what the parents and faculty of the school want, an addition to the school to accommodate more classrooms. UNO would also like to build two additional schools in the Notre Dame building including a high school to relieve the severe over crowding issues in that northwest side community.

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