People: California Foundation Snags School Reform Guru

John_Choice1_ResizedFirst the Carnegie Foundation picked a new president Tony Bryk (instead of Linda Darling Hammond).  Then the foundation came up with a whole new set of priorities (something about community colleges, I think). Now they're bringing John Ayers, one of Chicago's best-known education connectors out to make things really work.  
In Chicago, Ayers was longtime head of LQE, a pro-charter nonprofit, and then helped with Greg Richmond's National Association of Charter School Authorizers. Most recently, he helped launch Union Park High Schools, an effort to bring unionized charter schools to Chicago.  
Bryk and Ayers know each other from the bad old days when they worked on the Chicago Consortium on School Research, a quasi-independent research outfit that other cities like NYC are currently trying to emulate.  


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  • Kind of good to see these grifters leaving. If these folks were so "good" at school reform according to their own press, then why is CPS inept as ever and there is NO transparency in the New School department. "Don't let the door hit...

  • Congratulations to John Ayers, a real advocate for children.

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