Parents Sue Chicago Schools To Get Better Education

A group of students at Fenger High School and their parents are suing the
Chicago Public Schools, saying security at the Roseland school is
inadequate and students are being denied a public education.
The group claims the school system, since the beating death of Fenger
student Derrion Albert, is not following through on promises to
transfer students to other schools. (Fenger parents sue Chicago Public Schools)

Has this happened many times before, and does it usually prompt concrete action?  Or is it an unlikely gambit? 


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  • Here's the affadavit (in part):




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    next friend, Kenya Atkins; CHARLES ) Civil Action: 09cv7068

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    MICHAEL SCOTT, Indiv. & Prof. Capacities )




    This is an action for injunctive, declaratory and equitable relief.[1] Plaintiffs, school-age childrenteenagers, each allege that they have been deprived of their [Constitutionally protected] property right to a public education without Due Process of law, in violation of the 14th Amendment of the United States Constitution. The plaintiffs

  • Don Frymd should also be named in this lawsuit as a defendant. He should be removed immediately from turnarounds. He does not know what he is doing and he should own up to the mess and violence that he has caused. Arne should bring him to DC since Arne promoted and took care of him.

  • The "Turn Around" policy and concrete process used should be evaluated over with a fine tooth comb. I guess that is NOT the data CPS wants to be revealed. No way! We need transparency on this.

  • I think the parents have a problem with their suit in that the violence has not been documented on the schoolhouse grounds. CPS is really only liable for that much.

    I don't think you can blame turnaround per se. You can blame the principal and CPS for not providing better security on school house grounds.

    I don't think there's evidence that:

    "Under color of law and with intent to deprive, the defendants deprived plaintiffs of their property right by denying them a public school environment conducive to learning and a high school that they can physically access."

    Intent to deprive is a high hurdle to jump. I note that all parties who asked for transfer were told to acquire a transfer paper, which seems to be the protocol. Ms. Jackson wanted to transfer her son and so went to Gwendolyn Brooks Prep, Morgan Park Acad, and Carver. Brooks is a selective enrollment school, Morgan Park Academy requires testing to be admitted, and Carver is a charter school requiring certain test scores. All of these schools have enrollment periods and don't typically enroll mid-year. Did Ms. Jackson pursue any of these options at the proper time? Did her son have the academic background to test into any of these schools?

    So I guess I'd say they have a strong claim if they can prove that violence on school grounds was met with inadequate/incompetent security; thus resulting in an unsafe school environment, which did, in essence, violate their property right to a free public education. I don't think they can claim their rights were violated by schools refusing to allow transfers into them in violation of these schools' policies.

  • Don Frymd turned Fenger into a dangerous school--his philosphy, his rules, he is the boss. These poorly treated parents and their threatened children, who were not and are not getting an education, have stading here- there will be more to come.

  • @Cermack_RD " . . . and Carver is a charter school requiring certain test scores.

    Carver is not a charter school. Carver is a selective enrollment military academy.

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