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School Board Meeting Rescheduled For Monday

From CPS:  The Chicago Board of Education will meet Monday, November 23. Public participation will begin at approximately 10:30 a.m. and end at 12:30 p.m., and will be followed immediately by the business portion of the meeting. “We anticipate that many persons may wish to appear at this meeting to express their gratitude and affection... Read more »

Journalist Shares Private Information & Gets School Staffer Fired

So a guy at work makes a stupid anonymous comment on a local paper’s website — twice.  Then a guy at the paper (Ken Greenbaum, pictured) decides he’s going to find out who made the vulgar comment, tracking him down at — yes — a nearby school and, with the help of the school’s IT... Read more »

Jones Principal Worries About Magnet Schools Proposal

“The people who worked on this say, based on data, other school districts and other cities were able to determine there is enough correspondence [with race] in these socio-economic factors that you will have the more integrated environments…But I just truly do not know if that will be the case or not.”  Jones College Prep... Read more »

Student Killed, Schools Embrace Gardening

Boy, 17, killed in South Chicago neighborhood TribuneMonique Bond, a spokeswoman for Chicago Public Schools, said that the teen was a 10th-grader at Chicago Discovery Academy High School. Fear a common factor Austin Weekly Avoiding drive-by shootings and abductions are not the only safety concerns for these teens. Avery, 17, is afraid of getting beaten... Read more »

Daley Confronts Reporter Over Michael Scott Questions

Daley Snaps Over Scott QuestionMayor Richard Daley stormed out of a press conference Wednesday over questions concerning the death of Michael Scott.View more news videos at:

Youth Violence Too Big For Huberman To Handle

The sad saga of Ron Huberman’s SuperSecret violence prevention plan continues to unfold, full of shifting numbers, unexplained delays, and looming obstacles.  The number of kids identified as most at risk has now changed several times, according to the Tribune.  Neither the much-vaunted victims study, the no-bid contract, or the full plan of action have... Read more »

"Becoming A Man" - Where It's Been, Where It's Headed

Yesterday’s Tribune featured the rollout of a $1M new effort to implement — and study — a youth violence prevention program called “Becoming A Man.” Has BAM been tried at your school?  Is it heading your way?  What do you think about its chances? Click below for the list of schools that have tried the... Read more »

Whitney Young Teachers Rank 4th In Absences

Colleagues not at school today?  Kid saying he’s got a substitute — again?  The industrious folks at Fox Chicago News have come up with a database of teacher absences at Chicago schools from last year and a list of best and worst schools — including Whitney Young as the 4th worst. Worst: Albert G Lane... Read more »

Rally To Restore After School Funding Tonight

A group of legislators, community leaders, and ministers are gathering tonight to protest what they describe as cuts to 40,000 after school tutoring spots this year.  The Board signed up 72,000 kids but then decided it wasn’t going to fund that many spots.  I’m told that the reduction brings the district down to the 20... Read more »

No Need For Clout Under Proposed Magnet Schools Plan

Despite repeated requests, CPS still won’t let anyone talk to me about the proposed magnet schools plan.  But it did manage to let Catalyst snag some unsatisfyingly vague answers from Rick Kahlenberg, the DC-based Century Foundation scholar who helped CPS design the plan.  Argh. Gak. Kahlenberg pretty much admits that the boost for neighborhood kids... Read more »