Obama Pimps Malia Out In Madison School Speech

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Barack Obama gets slews of positive press for being a great dad, so what's he doing using his daughter Malia's up-and-down grades in a highly publicized post-election day education speech at a charter school in Madison, WI?  I'm not exactly sure. 

In essence, Obama tells about how Malia brought some mediocre grades that she thought were OK, but that once it was clear that only excellence was acceptable she got it.  "She told me, 'I just like having knowledge,' " Obama said. "What had happened is that now she wanted it more than us."

Gak.  The anecdote wasn't in his prepared remarks, which is extremely unusual for Obama (who uses a telepompter pretty much everywhere he goes).  It wasn't really necessary to making the point (about effort and parental involvement.  So why embarass your daughter?  Why even bring your family into politics like this?  I just don't get it.  And I certainly don't like it.  It sets awful precedents for the White House and for the press.  Click below for links.
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  • We would all be better off if you just took the gun you are aggressively hoarding ammo for and shot yourself in the brain.

    People like you are worthless bottom-feeders.

    Seriously, President Obama could save your dog from a burning house and you would bitch that he didn't save your CD collection.

    Eat a D*ck.

  • "Pimps out?" What a strange journalistic (?) expression. I could not open up the clip but what is the big deal? I go through the same thing with my kids--glad to hear the presidential family has the same issues. Malia didn't get a bad grade because she is stupid--she got it because she hadn't studied and didn't set high enough expectations for herself. I'm sure she will be just fine.

  • I was just able to watch it. Much ado about nothing. I forwarded it to my son who received a grade on his science test in the 70's last week and is spending this week outlining and make flashcards of the current chapter this week--or else no hanging out with the guys this weekend.

  • What is the problem, exactly? It's a perfectly relevant story with regards to encouraging parental involvement, and I don't see how it's embarrassing to a student to have improved their grades by 20% through diligent study.

    And then it "sets awful precedents"???? You need to find better things to do with your time than these hopeless attempts at journalism.

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