New Maps, School Arson, Walking To School

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Schools mapping out map changes Tribune
geography teachers now hope the move toward digital atlases and online
mapping sites will appeal to students who otherwise might be turned off
by the subject.
It doesn't hurt that schools often can save money in the process.

Arson probe launched in Naperville school fire Herald
fire that caused more than $100,000 damage at Naperville's Scott
Elementary School is being investigated as an arson, police said Monday.

Students Find Danger Lurks To And From School

are neighborhoods in America, where to be young is to be afraid. For
many, the most dangerous part of their day is the journey to and from
school. In some areas, the risks of gang fights, drive-by shootings and
random violence are the price of an education. Youth Radio brings us
the voices of teenagers who attend schools in the San Francisco Bay

Chicago Teens Encourage Nonviolent Actions

brutal killing of a Chicago teenager in September brought U.S. Attorney
General Eric Holder and Education Secretary Arne Duncan to the city to
speak out about youth violence. Now that the Cabinet members are back
in Washington, what is happening in the effort to stop youth violence?
Some Chicago teenagers are taking on the issue themselves.

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  • This is geography at it's most basic. Unfortunately, most people perceive the subject as the mere regurgitation of toponyms and outline maps.

    It is ironic that a teacher in a successful suburban school is presenting a lesson that goes no deeper than basic recall while "failing" AP Geography teachers in CPS are delving much deeper. I know, I know, the kids in the article are 8th graders, but hear me out.

    CPS AP students are comparing dependency ratio to per capita GDP using Spearman's Rank, analyzing the spatial distribution and diffusion of religions, predicting the demographic futures of individual nations using the demographic transition model, applying the Burgess, Sector, and Multiple Nuclei Models to Chicago, etc. etc. ad infinitum. This is geography. Is anybody listening?

    I suppose it doesn't matter. In the eyes of King Richie, Hubie, Arne, and Barack we (CPS AP Geography teachers) are failures who should be replaced with the cheapest TFA has to offer.

    Any stable suburban districts looking to hire a real geography teacher?

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