Mega Exams, Cross-Dressing "Orchid" Children, Slimy Unions, Meep!

A weekly look at what's going on in other parts of the country:

In South Korea, Nation Stops For Mega Exam NPR
It is so important that aircraft are barred from flying near
the test site, and the workday begins an hour late, to prevent traffic
jams that might make students late. Via Ednews

tactics in charter schools debate?
had absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with it in any way shape or
form," said UTLA President A.J. Duffy.

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Principal bans four-letter word -- 'meep!' MSNBC
knew "meep!" was a four-letter word? The word has been banned at
Danvers High School in Massachusetts after students said it to
repeatedly interrupt school.

Teaching AP: Make It Big, Make It Loud, Let Everyone In TWIE
Winn dons a furry hat and beats a
drum to remind students of the steps in a problem. He shouts
theatrically and chants questions, then shuts off the audience lights
to talk about "finding the inner you." They talk openly about
masculinity and otherness in the dim theater."

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The Science of Success Atlantic Magazine
With a bad environment and poor
parenting, orchid children can end up depressed, drug-addicted, or in
jail--but with the right environment and good parenting, they can grow
up to be society's most creative, successful, and happy people.

More Oregon students are getting math Oregonian
math teachers have moved middle schoolers far enough ahead in math that
the typical eighth-grader now can do math at nearly the same level as
many high school sophomores. Via EWA.

Wall Street Money and Nonprofits WNYC
The Harlem Children's Zone, and the promise and peril of being popular in the financial services industry.

High Schools Struggle When Gender Bends the Dress Code NYT
are 4,118 gay-straight alliance clubs in high schools across the
country, which raise awareness of such issues. Gender-boundary
questions are even bubbling up in elementary schools.

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  • How many CORE members are in Evanston this weekend for the DSA convention?

  • The Direct Selling Association is having a convention this weekend? How did I miss it?

  • In reply to xian:

    "Socialists arrive in Evanston for national convention"

  • In reply to xian:

    Good, at least their convention is in the open. The Daley Machine in City Hall and CPS does its work in the dark back rooms and broker deals that negatively affect the general citizens life in Chicago. Government in Daley actively resist being transparent in the operation of the city. Who holds Huberman accountable on how he supports schools in comparison to school districts who do a great job in building professional communities in each school? We need to unmask the actions of the board!

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