IL Schools Are Pretty Lame, Conservatives & Liberals Agree

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Illinois does a pretty mediocre job educating its kids according to
this new report from the unholy alliance of the right-leaning US Chamber of Commerce
and the left-leaning Center for American Progress.  No surprises there, I guess. Two
Bs and the rest are Cs. Illinois-report-card (PDF). 

In it's defense, the state is developing a longitudinal data system, is a founding member of the common core / national standards thing, requires (?) that 11th graders take the ACT, is active on early learning / universal preschool front, and lifted the charter cap. Fair enough. 

Still, I can't tell you how strange it is that IL is involved in the common core movement when its proficiency standards and pass rates  on state tests are so miserably low.  There's a massive disconnect there.    How can a state with such low academic standards of proficiency take the lead on a national standards effort that is -- finally -- going to let IL residents know how poorly their kids are really doing.  Not just the poor black and brown ones, either.


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  • I don't know, I found it pretty impressive that we can provide the children of this state with a mediocre education, when are school funding is so far short of mediocre.

  • At least they dont have 50% dropout rates like schools in other american cities.

  • Believe me, I'm not that picky . . . BUT "lame" and "pimps out" last week? This sounds like an MTV blog for teens.

  • we actually have a longer school day in the US than they do in other top countires including Japan. The study was just released and it was interesting. I will share this info soon.

  • thanks for the comments, everyone. and nice picture, PE teacher. points for style.

  • robins steans from advance illinois weighs in with this reaction:

  • I would love to see Ms. Robin Steans come teach in a 7th grade class all day, at a large neighborhood latino CPS school for 1 full week.
    Come on Robin, give it a try.

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