Everybody's Got Something To Say About Chicago Schools

A sampling of recent blog posts from around the city let me know if I'm missing any other sites you like:

The wall of death Vocalo
you visit a neighborhood, you really don't expect to find a "wall of
death." Especially not in a breezeway, next to the only grocery store
and fast food restaurant in the whole neighborhood.

A terrible loss Small Talk
Valencia also was
a role model to his younger siblings. He volunteered at Chicago public
schools and for the Barack Obama campaign.


Arne Duncan will stop urban teachers from behaving badly? Examiner
Never, not even once, did the person who signed the evaluation, ever come into my classroom to see what I was doing, either formally or otherwise. 

Elementary School Rankings CPS Obsessed
I like this way of ranking them because it takes an actual average instead of the % of kids who meet the minimum requirements.
Affordable housing and successful schools Curtis
A plan to build new affordable housing on vacant lots in Logan Square is aimed at cutting into the growing shortage of rentals in the area - and at bolstering successful local efforts to strengthen neighborhood schools. 

Expanding the Choir Tutor Mentor
Below is a map I made of people who were in a Chicago area breakout session at the Illinois Drop Out Prevention Summit who I already knew.

School janitor suing Board of Education Chicago Bar-tender
Hallom says that "an agent and/or servant" of the
defendants was carrying a portable heater/fan that dropped on her foot.


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  • From cpsobsessed: There are a few schools at the top of the list that don

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