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Composting at schools Tribune

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Zero waste initiatives at schools across the Chicago area have students aggressively reducing the garbage they produce and
trying to avoid anything not biodegradable. 

Half of all kids on food stamps at some point Sun Times
Nearly half of all U.S. children and 90 percent
of black youngsters will be on food stamps at some point during
childhood, and fallout from the current recession could push those
numbers even higher, researchers say.

Making the Grade: inside Blaine Elementary ABC7
week, ABC7 is taking you inside four Chicago Public Schools to show you
the challenges and successes of their students who are "making the

One-on-One with Mayor Richard Daley WBEZ
Chicago Mayor Richard Daley sat down with Eight Forty-Eight's Alison Cuddy to offer his solutions for high unemployment rates, and growing youth violence.

Career Academy Bemoans Teacher Layoffs Chicago Talks
at a South Side vocational school last week accused Chicago Public
School administrators of creating chaos for students by shifting
teachers around weeks into the school year and preventing students from
taking courses in their majors.

Fenger Seeks Mentors for Life Lessons Chicago Talks
"We need private help, we don't want people to just be here for
the moment," said LSC president Brown, whose son Darvezz Person is a junior at the
school. "This should be something ongoing."

Obama's Visit Intensifies Mayoral Takeover Debate WISN Milwaukee
The decision will be made in the midst of a visit from President Barack
Obama focusing on education, with hundreds of millions of dollars of
federal funding on the line for the entire state.

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  • if you watch/listen to the public portion of the Board meeting last week, Carol-Chicago Vocational made a passioned and factual presentation. Michael Scott just did not get what she was saying! She explains it about three times (since the issue was sepreate from the 20th day) and he just did not get it. Scott is smarter than this, no? he was president of the Board before, right? Is he tired or he just cannot listen anymore--or really never 'got' it? As for Ron stating it is a $ problem, Ron Huberman is an untruthful man, right. He has and is using lots of $$ for what HE wants, right. not for what CVCA and schools and out students need, right. WRONG Ron.

  • CVCA teacher Caref should be on the Board -- at least there'd be one person who has the capacity to see the big picture. Another plus would be that Daley's Board of Education could boast having ONE educator on its team (Eason-Watkins is just too quiet these days, she's nearly mute). She nailed Huberman on the "constrained budget" angle -- it's not ALL 600 schools that need this stability, just the low-income neighborhood schools that Board policies destablize.

  • Eason-Watkins is just too quiet these days, she's nearly mute--
    she is usurped by the all powerful huberman. Where is the black caucus and reverends on this?--no where.

  • Retired Principal said: I talked to Barbara, she is quiet because she knows she has no power and she wants to keep her job until she decides to move on!

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