CPS Shakespeare Makes National News Tonight


I'm told that the NBC Nightly News will be featuring CPS Shakespeare n
their broadcast this evening. Never heard of it?  Me neither.  Apparently it's a program developed by Chicago Shakespeare over the past six years that features "an ensemble of
students and teachers from CPS high schools working together with a professional
artistic team to produce a play."  (Translation:  It's like Glee, except with Shakespeare.)  This year's show was Midsummer Night's Dream.  Apparently a big success.  Tonight at 5:30.  Don't miss it.  Good news for once.


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  • 20 students and 9 teachers from:

    Brooks College Prep Academy
    Chicago Vocational Career Academy
    CICS--Ralph Ellison Campus
    Curie Metropolitan High School
    Julian High School
    Kenwood Academy High School
    Phillips Academy High School
    Prosser Career Academy
    Roosevelt High School
    Taft High School

  • Retired Principal said: One year I had a teacher and student who participated in this program. It's a good program and the play was good!

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