Bucktown Elementary School Plan Unchanged

A little over a month ago the Board seemed to budge a little on the issue of Pulaski Elementary in Bucktown, telling school and community leaders to meet and come up with a compromise plan that would improve the school and serve both current and community students. 

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Well, apparently not much came from that.  I'm told by a reader that the school and the community never met and the Board announced a new and revised plan which is not really new or different. Existing children can stay, existing teachers can re-apply for their jobs starting next year. 

"The board did nothing. It saved itself
at the cost of teachers jobs."  I'm going to try and confirm this with CPS and the school but wanted you to know as soon as I did. 

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  • i just got this email from "pulaski IB 2010 that i thought some of you might want to see:

    Great News!

    The Board of Education, at their November meeting, approved a modified plan for Pulaski Elementary.

    In a nutshell-

  • That's impressive and I'd like to hear how current students' families react to it. HOW did such an agreement come about? Who did what? Would be very interesting to know.

    Interesting, too, how that neighborhood is going to get an IB high school, SE, I assume. No?

  • the pulaski IB plan is described as a "compromise" but i'm not sure i can tell if and how it's changed -- except that there will be one school and one principal (presumably not the same one). are there other changes that i'm missing, for better or worse?

    here's the previous blog post about this topic, for those of you who want the whole backstory on how we got to here:



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