Board Of Education: New Leads On Michael Scott Death

Michael Scott's use of board credit card probed Tribune
In recent weeks, Chicago school board President Michael Scott was facing scrutiny for using his board ...

Police Investigate Suicide of Chicago Schools Chief NYT
Michael W. Scott, 60, had served in a variety of prominent posts in Chicago over three decades.

Michael Scott suicide ruling defended

... news conference her certainty that Michael Scott killed himself, Chicago police continued working to form a clearer picture of what led to his death. ...

Pride of North Lawndale always gave city his best Sun Times
Michael Scott is the kind of guy who could have moved up and out and
never looked back. Raised in North Lawndale on Chicago's West Side,
Scott never forgot ...

Educators ponder Scott's legacy Tribune
... Scott assuaged public concerns with a trademark aplomb as
president -- but also in a district in the midst of change under new
chief Ron Huberman. ...

Medical examiner: No question Scott's death a suicide Tribune
Cook County Medical Examiner Nancy Jones said today there is "no
evidence" indicating Chicago school board president Michael Scott's
death was anything but ...

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  • CPS is moving on. Gerry Chico anyone-Board President tempor? Someone of this caliber has to be there to keep Ron from becoming despot. otherwise, it will be out of control.

  • The headline seems a bit misleading. New leads? The only new thing in any of those stories is that Mr. Scott had used the Board credit card for his trip on Olympic purposes. Within that story, however, it was stated that he was making payments on the amount (3000), so it's not like it was something that was going to affect him long-term or weigh on his mind.

  • god bless MICHAEL Scott-Jehovah, Buddha, Yahweh, et al. Anyone and everyone. I cry out: Why did you do this? So many would have helped you, supported you. Oh, Michael, our valiant angel, RIP. Feds need to be involved! NOW. The conspiracy theories are all around. Lord Daley, the CPS king or your Olympics, you must resign NOW! (Put Orr in as mayor.) And Alderman Solis

  • Yea, but not change his spots: take but my shame.
    And I resign my gage. My dear dear lord,
    The purest treasure mortal times afford
    Is spotless reputation: that away,
    Men are but gilded loam or painted clay.
    A jewel in a ten-times-barr'd-up chest
    Is a bold spirit in a loyal breast.
    Mine honour is my life; both grow in one:
    Take honour from me, and my life is done:
    Then, dear my liege, mine honour let me try;
    In that I live and for that will I die.

  • Scott Investigated By CPS At Time Of Death asking for information about charges by Michael Scott using Chicago Public Schools corporate MasterCard.

    this is not the olympics spending but other spending

  • What the hell is going on in Mayor Richard Daley's Chicago? When was the last time you heard of a president of a major cities board of education shooting himself in an apparent suicide?

  • New details point to Scott suicide, but investigation continues

    November 18, 2009 10:39 PM

  • Anytime any high profile official gets caught doing something like this the very first thing they do is pay the amount with personal funds to get the news story out of public eye and to end the investigation because I bet you any money that there are a bunch more credit card charges that don't belong on a work credit card that belong to Scott.

    If Scott can just charge a Copenhagen trip on his Chicago Public Schools credit card without nobody at the CPS batting an eye... and nothing said about it till the news media brought this up. Imagine what else is being charged on all these officials credit cards????? Here we are talking about a trip with his wife to Copenhagen being charged to a CPS credit card and nobody at the cash strapped CPS said a thing.

    Every work credit card and check book issued to public officials should have every transaction published on the Internet so the public can see what is being charged and then paid for by us, the tax payers.

  • Friends & family fund for Chicago aldermen
    Shadowy $1.3 million payroll helps them get around ban on patronage hiring,0,280697.story

    Did Arne Duncan use federal money to go to Copenhagen? Why? If he did, he should pay back the federal government. He has no clue in Washington as he had none running CPS!!!

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