Blog Roundup: Gifted Spots, Responding To Meeks, School Scam

Bureaucracy Rant CPS Obsessed
If a child drops out of a gifted (and
I assume classical) class during the school year, CPS doesn't fill the

The homicides keep rolling in DSL
this time of the year with the cold wet weather, homicides drop
dramatically. Not this year. Homicides keep rolling in. And everybody
is quiet about it.

Through the Looking Glass With Mayor Daley Matt Farmer

Daley: How did you manage to keep a straight face when you told members
of the Chicago media that Fenger High School, where Derrion Albert
went, is "a very good school"?

Comments on Rev. Meeks' `Bloody hands' essay Eric Zorn
who examine their property tax bills in the mail this week will choke
on this idea that they're not "lifting a finger" to do anything about
the schools.

Treats for Cabrini
Tutor Mentor Connection
We all have networks. We need to learn to map
them, and use them to do good, and to help each of us overcome the
challenges we face in life.

Cascade program helps make extracurricular learning fun Tribune
of Chicago students have come up with a way to get teens to willingly
spend their free time in a classroom: focus on pirates to teach about
democracy, use Snow White and Mulan as examples of societal shifts or
give a math lesson by reworking the way college football teams are

"The Schools Scam" The Reader (2006)
Under the
TIF system millions of dollars in property taxes are being diverted
from education to development.

Rev Meeks gets religion on the reality of Chicago schools Examiner
That Meeks
has taken on Daley, the impeached nutcase Governor, and other powerful
figures before, however for a democrat to (1) challenge the teacher
myth, and (2) to publicly embrace a Republican Party initiative like
vouchers is urban sacrilege and takes Chicago guts

Red Pencil 17
I know, his note is a year old,
I don't deal with other questions like, DO we need a LGBT high school
(maybe) and issues, still hanging, about my experience -- like, how it
triggered PTSD for me.

Chicago Scholars guides students Chicago Weekly
known as Scholarship Chicago, the Chicago Scholars Foundation does work
that makes college a reality instead of a dream for many of the most
challenged and needy kids in the city, and they do it through long-term
commitment, rather than by merely throwing money at good students.

You Just Never Know Marshfield Tattler
Back in 2005 I chose the four digits 2-0-0-9 for
something because Dawn was starting high school and was part of the
class of 09. Until she wasn't anymore.

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  • If his tenure in Chicago was evaluated via a "performance assessment," Duncan would have flunked out. FairTest critical comments on US Education Department's "Race to the Top Fund" guidelines.


  • Black and Latino community areas face Chicago's biggest property tax increases. Although the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times both looked at property tax increases across the city on Tuesday, neither paper mentioned that across Chicago, black and Latino neighborhoods will see the highest percentage hikes in their bills.

    By Jeff Kelly Lowenstein and Christopher Danzig

    Although the Chicago Tribune and the Chicago Sun-Times both looked at property tax increases across the city on Tuesday, neither paper mentioned that across Chicago, black and Latino neighborhoods will see the highest percentage hikes in their bills.

    Four out of the five community areas with the highest percentage increase--West Garfield Park, Fuller Park, Englewood and North Lawndale--are predominantly black, according to The Chicago Reporter's analysis.

    Across the 77 community areas, the median bill increase was 8.6 percent. Nine of 12 community areas where at least 50 percent of the population is Latino will see property tax bill rise by more than the median amount.

  • since these communities eat up the most resources; schools, police, transportation,etc., what is wrong with assessments being raised. Read me out please--I pay. My taxes wnet up (again)and I do no use any of these services. I pay and SHOULD pay. So what is he beef here?

  • Here is the dirty little secret. If a parent with a student from a private school or a parent with a student just moving into the city of Chicago has a child that could be in that grade (and for gifted/classical, brings the test scores to prove it)

  • How cowardly of Reverend Meeks to blame teachers, administrators and politicians (like himself) for the blood spilled. What would have been brave--but what won't happen--would have been for Reverend Meeks to point out the blood on the hands of absent fathers, of communities which glorify violence and denigrate learning, of pastors who talk the talk but don't walk the walk. All with bloodier hands, but you won't be seeing an opinion piece from the good Reverend Meeks about that. Hamilcar10 (10/29/2009, 10:15 PM)
    Imagine the reaction if Senator-Rev Meeks had dared to address unwed black mothers, another huge demographic within Salem Baptist Church, and the true source of black youth violence. No politician has those kind of guts.

  • A newer article shows how shady Rich Daley is on using our TIF tax dollars to support his friends at the cost of the children of Chicago!!! No heart. Read and pass it on!

    The Shadow Budget
    The Daley administration commands an off-the-books kitty of taxpayer money equivalent to a sixth of the official city budget. Now we

  • "When I had my meeting with Community Development, I made a point of saying, 'Now these are wish lists and proposals, right? You haven't actually gone ahead with these yet, right?'" said one alderman who asked that his name not be used because he wanted to avoid a confrontation with "the fifth floor" (where Mayor Daley's office is). "They said they were just proposals, but you pretty much have to demand the right to provide oversight or it just goes forward without you."
    Moreover, the money's supposed to be used to subsidize economic development in depressed communities that would otherwise receive no investment. But according to aldermen, and as the TIF documents we obtained show, the program is used to help clout-heavy developers and corporations, pay for basic infrastructure and services without the public oversight given the official budget, and strengthen the political position of the mayor.
    But then that would undercut the mayor's power. "If you control the money, you control the system," says 22nd Ward alderman Rick Munoz. "What do they always say? Follow the money."

  • here is the article that poves 1 reason why Ron is hiring people from 'outside' of Chicago--they don't know any better and they will never know what or how to fight for what is right for the children. As for LSCs that hire those from outside of Chicago, ignorance is no longer bliss.

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