Best Lines From "The Wire"

I will not rest until everyone involved in school reform has watched The Wire, and this new compilation of best quotes is a timely reminder of just how good the show is. Very NSFW.

 The show's set in Baltimore, but longtime Chicagoans will see many similarities when it comes to politics, cops, gangsters, and regular folk. 

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  • Here is what Dr. Don F. did not get and does not get--
    Burns (The Wire)has said that he stumbled into teaching with little preparation because of the intense demand for teachers in inner-city schools.Psychologically he compared the experience of teaching to Vietnam.He found the experience profoundly challenging because of the emotional damage that the vast majority of his students had already experienced before reaching the classroom and felt that more than being able to teach, his primary role was in modeling caring behavior. He felt his major impact was in giving the children an example of an "adult who's consistent, who's always there, who always comes through with what" he said, and then that's a new world for them.

  • I've been disappointed with you for a while now, Alexander. This sharing about the Wire and your 2002 article reporting on Michael Scott point to a dream I hope you embrace again. Thanks for both entries.
    This is the better you. from Edison Mom

  • The Wire is one of Yung Ro's favorite shows. He feels that certain TV shows can be harmful and educational. Taking the negative and making it a positive is constructive. Yung Ro's dad has instilled that philosphy into his head. My father went through a situation similiar to the Wire activities and he remembers the stress it caused his family. Ro made a promise to his father he would be a better man than he was. There's a Wire in every city, town, and country.

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